TGA Head in denial about the cause of cardiac arrests – Senate estimates 16.02.23

Last Thursday afternoon in estimates, John Skerritt (TGA Head) claimed that cardiac arrest wasn’t a side effect of the vaccine.
This is despite the fact that the TGA acknowledges myocarditis as a side effect of the vaccine.

Later that evening I asked Skerritt if myocarditis caused cardiac arrest.
As usual he downplayed it by saying “Not usually…you just need to look at the medical literature.”
The medical literature clearly states that myocarditis can lead to cardiac arrest.

So if vaccines can cause myocarditis, they can cause cardiac arrests.
The fact that Skerritt says otherwise means he is has no idea or a liar.
If he can lie about such a simple link between myocarditis and cardiac arrests then he can lie about the deaths of the 7 and 9 year old who had the determination of causality from cardiac arrest.

John Skerritt has constantly lied to me over the last 18 months. Despite providing evidence that continually proves his lies he has gotten away with it.

It’s a sad indictment on our government that he will go unpunished for the pain and suffering he has caused.


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  1. It's funny 5hat Rennick posts these thinking it shows him winning something, when it just shows his as a rude little man who doesn't know what he's talking about. Maybe his 🐑 fall for his silly games but most of us see him for what he is.

    And I love the look of frustration on the chairs face when Rennick just will not shut up.

  2. Than will come 6 and than 7
    and then and only then we find out
    because there more sicker for longer
    the vaccinated will be the problem
    and they cant shake anything like they used to
    all because of consent and they were content

  3. Thank you Senator Rennick and Roberts for your questions. If not done so already and is possible it would be a matter of public interest to put in the spotlight the conflicts of interests (If any) that those professors have with the pharmaceutical industry).

  4. ALL of these public servants talk a LOT but actually say NOTHING. They are just trying to cover their arses, meanwhile because of these medical people there are thousands of people who have lost a lot of their life/savings and now australia is in debt to the tune of about 4 trillion dollars. ALL of this stuff about covid is nothing more than a giant con by big pharma and governments to control people.!!!!!

  5. It is important to notice from these complete deceptive criminals that they WANTED the extreme risks to lead to damage & death. This was all planned, that was why the lies were so thick & constant. Now they want to make sure they get away with this blatant democide, so are deceptive & disrespectful.

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