Thailand Myocarditis After Vaccine Study | What can we learn? | A Doctor and Professor Reflects

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Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Professor

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  1. After the FDA asked for 75 years to release the eua data, my thought was what are they trying to hide and even after the release all the data what have they conveniently left out…

  2. Mask Madness! They JUST rammed doses down everyone, regardless of adverse reactions for shock and awe of tragedy. NO logic or reason to safety signals, these people were bought off. Explain the negligence with FDA, CDC, you can't, this was a political problem 🤔

  3. Re dr wen, the reason people want her off the panel is to send her a message. She was wrong on almost every single issue and her views caused pain and sufferring to so many people. She needs to be confronted about her damage, not asked to go on stage to contribute. She has not earned that position. She has lost it.

  4. Does this not make you worry about the other vaccines that we mostly give to young children who cannot tell us what is going on in their little bodies? Moms have been trying to speak for their injured children for years and have been labeled anti vaccine.

  5. Thank you for all the information. I can always rely on you for providing factual information to compare to the main stream media and other garbage out there from both sides. I am sure you catch a lot of heat for providing this information, when it could be perceived as anti vax. Even though you support the vax with many of your videos. It is nice to have someone that is attempting to give us factual information to make informed decisions regarding our children.

  6. They did this 20 yrs ago with gardisil vaccine. They found out caused adverse effect and printed the studies and poof the study disappeared shortly after published on the Internet….

  7. As heartless at this sounds I’m happy vaccine injuries are happening so people will wake up already. Bring up the subject of vaccine injury with your every day person and people look at you like you’re from the moon. Vaccine injuries have happened for decades and the people it has happened to have been gaslit and labeled as “insert defamatory word here.” The people who have been injured are expected to shut up and disappear into the night so as not to make the rest of the population uncomfortable. Until the people who are knowingly causing these life changing injuries are held accountable the FDA, medical community and everyone else involved will be seen as losing all credibility.

  8. Congratulations on Full Professor. It is not a destination, it is means to move forward in your exploration. You got your Enterprise Starship, now go where no one has gone before … True, collegial, medicine!

  9. Commitment not fulfilled. Thanks for this video. My 17 year old son had myocarditis after 2nd dose of Pfizer. Nephew had symptoms for some days too but was not checked by a doctors because this time nothing was known about this. It is necessary to make studies about possible increase in heart diseases since Covid and vaccination.

  10. I am sure that we have Polio in the U.S. because we are having open borders. Since we do not do the back round check as we have in the past we do not know if any of the people coming in have any vax or ill at the time.

  11. To be clear: the new Polio outbreak came from a foreigner who came from a region that did not have the newer vaccine type used in the US and London.

  12. Could young and male be a confounding factor in this signal? I wonder if actively exercising persons who are physiologically/genetically exercise-responders are at risk of myocarditis. And most actively exercising exercise-responders are found in young males.

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