Thanks to Biden, Afghanistan Is Already Suffering Renewed Terrorist Attacks

Biden is demented:


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  1. And yet somehow, Biden will find a way to blame Trump! If not Biden, then certainly one of his minions….Schumer, Pelosi, CNN, MSNBC….take your pick!!!

  2. You could argue America no longer has a Functioning Government, in a civil sense. Its just the warfare in 3rd world Countries are more primitive and visible than the Warfare we see happening in America today. .

  3. And now he's probably keeping the Logitech logo on as a troll to those who keep bitching about it in the comments. Would expect no less from a guy like Styx, trollmeister supreme. 😀

  4. Sense Biden broke the treaty the Taliban will be back at it. How can they not? The trust was broken . Biden the war monger. War in Korea next? Maybe Russia?

  5. Afghanastan….if they stocked the caves there up in the mountains with food stuffs, clothes, bedding and fuel to cook or warm with, they will be the ONLY "civilization" who will, in large numbers, survive an apocalypse, whether biblical or with a massive solar flare …. but that will knock out our protective magnetic flux field/shield, and staying in the caves will be a long term normal existence. Who would even WANT to live then? I guess if the women are all decent, clean and eager /down to fkkk, maybe for a while, but that gets boring and they get knocked up!!!

  6. Idk I have to challenge a little bit in this one. Pre russian invasion Afghanistan and this is the normal time of year that attacks would increase. Theres a chance that it may be Bidens fault but this is about the time I heard of one of the worst attacks while I was there.

  7. Afghan vet who saw this coming last year. When all the military /industrial /education /complex and big banks all got behind Biden, I knew we were never going to leave. Deep state needs their opium, and there is more under the earth than just minerals.

  8. Yesterday, as I watched some news clips, I realized just how snobbish and conceited Biden is. No matter who is actually pulling the strings both Biden and Harris are so self centered they are absolutely convinced that they can do no wrong. If things happen to go badly it is automatically the fault of everyone with whom they disagree. They will even pivot on a dime reversing an opinion previously held in order to imply that no one could be more distant from culpability than they. His contempt for the American people is so thick it should be featured on the Demolition Ranch channel as a test target for various calibers of ammunition. How can so many Americans be willing to allow him to continue in office? Is the evil power behind Biden's throne really so powerful? We need to grow a spine, my countrymen, and stop submitting to unconstitutional abuses and pull away from the TV that spews constant propaganda. We need to get back to courtest, humility, and gratitude and start preparing the nation to be led by our children and great grandchildren. How can they learn anything of value when all they see are faceless retards submitting to a lie that is observably false? Our bad example is the very worst thing we do as we tell ourselves that it is just "temporary" and another leader will fix it whether Trump ir domeone else. No. The only ones who can fix this are we, ourselves, by standing as individuals with independent minds and the will to let our actions and our wallets and our votes in local government elections speak.