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  1. Congress is actually exempt from insider trading laws. Which actually goes to show how utterly pathetic they are since pretty much anyone else would be a billionaire if they had access to that information with the legal right to use it.

  2. Hey man, I have no trust in the media. Modern media makes Soviet Era Pravda look like an amateur attempt at social engineering compared to what main stream media, social media companies, and the left have been force-feeding the public for the last few years.

  3. "Crimes are down year after year, that's a fact……………………………………….because they're less and less people to be victims it seems."

  4. Zed: Will you ever trust the media again?
    Me: When was it that I did?

    My last confidence in a "reporter" left the air back about the end of Huntley, Brinkley & Cronkite.

  5. It’s my first time here and I Really See You Are Explaining everything with details and talk with the truth but it’s sadly not everyone wants to get out of the bubble they live and take off the cover of there😢🥺 eye wake up people Democrats Evil they destroy all goods Trump was doing 😭 I love your Channel I support your page and suscribe

  6. Why isn’t Lori Lightfoot in jail???
    She refused help from President Trump that could have saved lives during the George Floyd riots,
    She now asks for help during a regular July 4th weekend that was bloodier than usual.
    She could have asked for help at any time during the Trump administration.
    Citizen lives ARE NOT PAWNS in a Political Chess Game!
    American Citizens’ Lives Matter.
    Personal Feelings of Hatred for a superior do not matter, especially if lives are lost!
    Lori Lightfoot needs to be ousted and jailed!!!

  7. Verboten Words: Cognitive thought, Logic, Reason and Mathematics (my personal favorite.) I can't wait until those that believe that those words are RACIST try to build something more complicated than a clean patch of dirt.

  8. Seems that the top selling book for democrats is mein kampf , soon their will be concentration camps for covid rule breakers … here in the uk they’re called ‘ hotels £1400 per night ‘

  9. i randomly came upon this through my recommendations and I think this is going to ruin my youtube frontpage for weeks. You guys need to find identities beyond online politics. This comment section is embarrassing.

  10. Dude no way. That story about Biden and baseball. The last paragraph say he was looking down at the No. 46 (a jersey I think) and says “I guess you can say I stole it.” Not the only 46 he stole…

  11. Crime, people getting killed will go down. Eventually, the shooters will have fewer people to shoot at unless they repopulate the city quickly with more people (all ages welcome).