Another week full of hypocrisy & lies in DC, Hollywood and entertainment. #Olympics #ThatDidntAgeWell #Biden

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  1. As someone who lives in a country where ID is mandatory for every single citizen of my country who wishes to vote because…logic…it’s insane in my opinion that the whole US doesn’t have mandatory ID laws already.

  2. Hmm… sounds like the liberals knew how easy it was to hack voting machines…. Hmmm… Seems like they did quite a bit with that knowledge against President Trump… Even when you are switching millions of ballots, and your guy still barely wins. Haha biden has 2 people in the audience, you are mentally challenged if you voted for anyone but President Trump.

  3. Fun fact for men go act like women at a chipndale show at the strip club not only would be thrashed on the way to being flown against your will out the door you'll probably be criminally charged as well

  4. Im 29 and from london, i watch every video, i went to university in NYC. I moved home 2 years ago. america made me, i love what trump did to america it was amazing. im now watching it allfall apart and its really upsetting me, this covid pandemic and biden has opened me eyes so much, i almost wish i blind.

  5. I don't trust any on either side. I think both would and have sold us out. I trusted Trump because he didn't owe anybody anything. I don't know if that can be repeated, even by Trump. It is so hard these days because of treachery and downright cheating that it is so hard to go unscathed, and not have somebody be into you with something you don't want everyone to know. So the common man and women who do not have access to the story lines and the way the media is anymore we're lucky if the stories have any kind of truth attached to them. So we all have to be vigalent and try and follow stories as best we can. Thank you to people like Tyler and Salty and Tucker Carlson and Gregg Gutfeld and his main contributors Tyrus and Kat Timph. And guys like Brit Hume who won't sacrifice personal integrity, as far as I know, to garner headlines and self-promotion. Thanks to you Tyler for your service.

  6. I need to find all the clips from the #1 spot (all the dems going on about the voting machines) just so I can post it to social media and troll some folks.

  7. Man the ones at the end love seen in gun vids saying heat seeking bullets a nuclear bomb bullets an fully semi automatic or double barrel extended clips an on an on on on

  8. "Biden's 'Buy American' has our best interests in mind" — Forget jokes. This is literally "It's okay when we do it."
    This is 90% of how the left spends political energy. They're good, you're bad. Thus, everything you do has bad intentions. If they do it, they have good intentions.

  9. Not only were they anti-American, they were anti-woman, since they kept touting superiority to all other women.
    There is something wrong with those people.

  10. The problem with saying " I Told You So…." type comments to the idiots who clearly know better than you is…… They will ban you for suggesting otherwise…… Sky News Australia anybody?

  11. Hold on, hold on! The Dems. have been saying the voting machines had issues for years and the rhinos did nothing? Why are we complaining about 2020? We had fair warning and nothing was done, now we wanna be outraged of what happened . The Dems saw a crack in the system and as alway exploited it. Go yell at your Rhino representatives.

  12. A little side note for y’all now that it’s ok and Biden fixed it so you can now buy American if you buy Right but doesn’t that go against the Left anyway! BUY REPUBLICAN STUFF BECAUSE WE ARE RIGHT NOT LEFT! HAHA STUPIDS! WE GOT YOU AGAIN!

  13. The soccer team was so doomed to fail.. When you play for a country you love and your determined to be the best to represent your country.. your playing for something bigger than yourself.. People like Megan raphinoe or however it's spelled were only there to play for themselves and their BS fake message.. deep down they know it's all a fake and playing for that will never get you the win when the other teams love their countries and play to honor them.