That Last Bit Sounds Sus…

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly has an ominous message for you.

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  1. "virus germ theory" have been dis proofed 2 times now lol , so pharoe/templars/jesuit you have lost, get ready to run. or maybe we should use your handbook you wrote to the "french revolution" to punish yourself…….

  2. The Delusion of politicians using new variants to overreach their government power. Sooner or later if everybody let it slide, we will live in current China lock down.

  3. Real science dictates that each variant is less dangerous than its predecessor. Real dictators demand that each variant is even more deadly than the last one. What can I say? Trust the real science and not the real dictators.

  4. You better believe they're fine tuning the virus they so proud of making with china to pump up revenues. I already heard ppl talking about new mandates/lockdowns we can't let it happen burn the capitols in your respective city's if need be. Stop being bitches.

  5. that's correct, vaccines don't stop transmission. they strengthen and prepare the body BEFORE it gets infected, so that when the virus is transmitted to a vaccinated body, that body is better prepared. Secondary effect is that the infected individual therefore transmits less virus into the air, thus lowering the spread.

    Seriously, it's not a conspiracy.

  6. This round will be their downfall. If they honestly think that this time around people will go hook-line and sinker again, they are sadly mistaken. There is going to be some crazy sheet about to pop off.

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