That Was a Close Call…

Joe almost got Clinton’d.

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  1. So 2 yrs not following propaganda and still perfectly healthy. Not even the sniffles. My daily routine hasn't changed. I dont use hand sanitizer. I will never get an experimental shot to protect me from nothing.

  2. So are they gonna just start letting him go full on fementia yelling total craziness on TV soon? Cause this was close. Along with the triple chickens. Lets hope. And then we can look at people who believe in politicians and point and laugh at them. The jig was officially up when he said letsgo Brandon I agree but its not enough for a smooth brain to see. We need full on dementia yelling and throwing things. 🙂

  3. Big pharma is deep in the pockets of the Democrats wear a mask,get vaccinated, if you have a running nose get tested,oh what's that being fully vaccinated you can still get the virus, oh what's that mask will not protect you,oh and if you want a test and you live in a red state tests are over 100$ at stores compared to a few months ago when they where 20$ for 2

  4. Aren't the boosters the exact same as the first ones but a smaller dose?
    And you're putting those against a mutated virus that already proven not all that effective against omicron.
    Yeah, I'm not doing it.

  5. No………old joe masks are useless and the virus doesn't care what your political views are or if your vaccinated or not it can and will spead no matter what. Plain and simple

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