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  1. Yellen's task is to be "wrong" while we bankrupt our country and lead the path to the elimination of printed currency and coinage. Digitized "money" is just numbers and by digitizing all money exchanges the IRS and the government will know where every penny is of your "money." Oh, and good luck to all your drug dealers.

  2. What pisses me off is yellen's claims of large shocks she didn't understand. There is not a single shock as she calls it that her government didn't plan and instigate or plan and cause directly. 4 years of Trump and Putin didn't do a damned thing. He went from invading to a dead stop and back to invading the moment Trump was gone. This is 100% proof the Trump Russia shit was just that. If you got a buddy in the white house then that's when you attack to lessen any repercussions. This was simply Democrats accusing what they themselves are doing as they always do. Democrats caused all the problems. Before they were denying these were problems but now that the vast majority knows they were full of shit, only now do they admit it. But notice they aren't taking any responsibility. It's never their plan. it's always external factors because the plan is always perfect. This is a perfect example of how Psychopathic they are. You take a country as big and industrious as America which is energy independent as well as an exporter and wipe out energy production in a supply and demand global market and claim ignorance that the price would go through the roof. I could go an quiz the most drugged out homeless bum I could find sleeping in their own piss and shit and they'd be able to predict this. Now either Janet Yellen the expert is less knowledgeable that that bum or they knew and didn't give a shit. Was she ignorant of the result or just the backlash for the result? Cause I'll tell ya what. The left extremists surround themselves with left extremists then poll their extremists and call that a Democracy. But don't think for a second that they are ignorant because at election time the radicals sell themselves as moderates to get in.. They already know before they are elected that the extremism they will enact is not supported by the public. If you know enough to lie then you clearly know the truth and the reaction from the market and the public.

  3. Ive heard alot alot of economist call her easy yellen. Its obvious a play on the fact her answer is always easy cheap money but it also makes you think of other stuff…… The oil reserve releases was supposed to lower prices until the midterm election but its moving to fast so its doing nothing.

  4. If you think any of these experts are actually wrong ever your completely insane these people know exactly what's going on. And what effect they are doing will have

  5. At what point do people realize that they've been duped by the Democrats they lied to everybody and cheated, now they're stealing from everybody are we just going to let this happen?

  6. Does everyone see the New World Order coup d'etat that's going on in front of their eyes, yet? – WTF. All of this is by DESIGN.- Please, please, WAKE UP, people.

  7. How to fix inflation step one, stop printing money. Step two, audit the federal government to find the needless spending and be transparent with the money that is spent. Step three, get rid of the regulations that stop business from doing business here in the United States. Step four, after the audit reveals spending packages sent to foreign ad, send those countries a bill. If those countries can't pay then we own those countries now right? Someone forecloses on a house then the bank owns the house. This could force other countries to do their own audit to find out that the money was send back to the non-profit NGOs and foundations and we send them the bill. No more charitable donations sent to other charities to be able to launder money. If a government official wants to run for office they must disclose where all the money they get to run is coming from. This will take time but we should see results in just the first year and should fix the inflation problem very fast. One last thing, have the banks pay back the federal reserve the money that was borrowed so we can start destroying money to bring the value of currency back up. If the banks can't pay the money back over a fixed time like 20 years then that business has failed. Think about it, if you are borrowing money constantly to keep your business from going under then your business should go under and you should rethink how to run a business. Banks are bailed out so much it has destroyed the currency over time. I'm not even an economic major and I can see how to fix this.

  8. This chick screwed us under Obama and she got her old job back. The hit to our economy was a party in power who hostile to manufacturing and oil. This is a rewind of obama

  9. Yellen proves that just because you have the credentials doesn’t mean you have the knowledge! She must have cheated on a lot of her exams!

  10. How the heck am I an uneducated guy that could barely do fractions and I could have told you the printing trillions of dollars was going to cause inflation 40% of all money that has ever been printed in the United States has been printed in the past 2 years maybe that caused the crazy high inflation Janet yellen ever think of that

  11. Janet Yellan is old decrepit old broad who is nowhere qualified for the job. She needs to be removed and sent to the nursing home now.

  12. Comparing Biden to Carter is indeed an insult to Carter.

    Carter is a great man who was a poor choice for president. Biden is an extremely crooked, racist, stupid, dementia ridden asshole who is a VERY poor choice for president.

  13. Hey, LH, c’mon man! “Cover all the lies and nonsense of the left”??? There isn’t enough time left in this DECADE to cover all that!! And that’s just the lies and nonsense that has happened so far this year!!
    Holy crap! Biden’s tweet was written by Kamala Harris!! “We’ll reduce the debt…by spending more and reducing the debt…because the spending will reduce the debt…by reducing the debt!! (Cackle cackle)” 🙄😖😡🤪🤪🤪🤪

  14. BRRRRRRR means one thing: a very cold economic landscape to match Resident Brandon’s endless Cold, Dark Winter. We need 45 back right now. May God have mercy upon us!

  15. Hmm, so I don't think Janet Yellin ever had America's back, just her overlords at the IMF. If everything these incompetent fools were doing was by accident then by just the rules of randomness would show 1 accident as benefitting Americans".

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