That’s ONE Way to Rally the Troops…I Guess

We heading to the wheat fields, brothers?

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  1. Observe the body language of the Soldiers: they are bored, completely uninterested in whatever this senile old man has to say. As they are forced to be there, they are obviously restless. Billy Boy was a pos, but at least he had charisma.

  2. Had hillary been elected, we'd already been in a war with Russia. That was her plan, so she could stay in power. These libs don't care if Americans are killed, they only serve THEMSELVES. Biden is going to attempt to use their same playbook, just watch. Blame the libbies and RINO citizens for this war and Amerucans getting killed in the new coming war in Ukraine, 'cause THEY VOTED FOR IT.

  3. There going to war. War is money and an easy excuse to further inflate the dollar and flood the border.
    We had one president who did not start another war and actually ended most of it and remember what they did to get him out?

  4. Standing in front of damn tank? Civilian in Ukraine says, "I'm not leaving. I'm holding my ground"?

    Joe must have projected the image of something that happened in communist China in his cognitive declining brain to

    the war in Ukraine. Xi Jinping is not going to like to hear Joe's brain fart.

    VIDEO: Man vs. Chinese tank Tiananmen square – June 5, 1989

  5. Anything they say their not going to do. This party does it anyway. No means yes. (This is the party of rape culture, they like to rape Americans of sanity) I lost mine at the first gas crisis when I wanted to go vacation in June of 2021.

  6. That’s why they put him there. I finally seeing it. You’re telling me this baboon just happened to be there for the destruction of our economy, the worlds economic system and this? This has been planned for a long time and your fucking vote doesn’t and hasn’t counted for a long time. Nobody vote next election. I bet there’s a miracle!

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