That’s Some Insane WHATABOUTISM You Got There…

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm tried to calm the masses by claiming gas is more expensive in other countries compared to the U.S., however, her comparison is invalid as EXCHANGE RATES are a thing, plus gas is sold by liter or gallon depending the country, also destroying her whataboutism.

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  1. I left michigan in 1984 after having been born and raised there. Only went back to visit parents, and would NEVER live there again. Granholm is a classic example of the incompetence that rises to the highest level of government in Michigan, and now the federal govt. If it werent for paybacks with union votes in exchange for auto industry bailouts, Michigan would have ceased to make cars long ago. Being born there is a scar I will always wear.

  2. 'We're coming out of a pandemic, there's more demand.'
    Last time I checked, we didn't add that many people to the Earth since before the plandemic. We had no problem meeting demand before…

  3. lol they don't tell you it's almost always been $5-10/gal in Europe. they only had a 20-30% increase while we are about 125% increase ATM since we use to export…

  4. Who still believes that politicians actually have a say and aren't just employees reading scripts for banking, mining and shipping? Seriously as far as they're concerned, this is all going perfectly to plan and you guys reading this are getting fucked over every day by those wankers and know it.

  5. Are we at the point yet where if someone started shooting these guys in the face with a sawn off, the public would keep them from being arrested and celebrate them like the end of joker too?

  6. Why do they always persist on saying “American families” and trying to make it sound like they care. It’s so fake and played out at this point.

  7. A steak costs $25 at the restaurant but if you can cook it at home it would only cost you $9. Same with oil and gas if you can do it at home you wouldn't be paying someone else to do it for you.

  8. Let's not forget and American gallon is 3.7 litres and a imperial UK gallon is 4.5 litres. So in california where its $10 a gallon that's actually $2.70 per litre which is the equivalent to £2.20 per litre, its not far off I paid £1.90 per litre for shell V power 99 Octane a few days ago. But you can get e10 unleaded for £1.70 per litre. However the average cost per litre in the US (not california) is $1.89 per litre which is equivalent to £1.50 per litre, so basically America on average has cheaper petrol prices than the UK.

  9. So, what!! I don't live around the world!! Your teenage rhetoric doesn't work on me. If the whole world jump off a cliff would you follow? Lower the PRICE OF GAS BY PUMPING AMERICAN OIL!!!

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