The 14 Warning Signs of Fascism Makes the Left Look Really Fascist

By my count, the left checks off at least 9 of these points. Yikes.

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  1. Fascists define heroism in collectivist terms. From the perspective of someone who advocates heroic individualism, the fascist concept of heroism is villainy.
    7:37 dialectical materialism
    12:47 Very much the opposite, in fact.

  2. Ah, projection. You comforter of the weak of mind, the desperate for emotional justification and the poor of supporting facts. You welcoming mistress of participation trophies. Where would we be without you?

  3. The reason the left look like Fascists, is because they are fascist.

    Totalitarianism requires a belief in 'collectivism'.
    Only with a belief in collectivism is it possible to gather together a large group to oppress (and yes murder) others.

    Fascism cannot be 'right wing' because a small government that serves the rights of the individual, cannot gather a collective to commit mass murder.

  4. Thank you all for ignoring "Niro" the Q-nut. Notwithstanding the fantastical imagination, and I do appreciate imagination and love a good conspiracy theory in my fantasy entertainment, I, as well as most Americans (with any amount of self-esteem or rational thinking ability) wish they would cease and desist.
    We are so embarrassed that they exist, concerned that they apparently believe their own fantasies, and appalled that they try to foist them off onto others outside their own "guild". I use the word guild since they do act somewhat like a bunch of adolescent fantasy gamers creating their own world – except by falsely linking random real events.

  5. In American high schools, it used to be taught that fascism and communism were varieties of totalitarianism. However after the college campus disturbances of the 1960s, some commentators began to suggest that college left wing radicals were more fascist than Marxist because of the tactics used. BM and Antifa are more like Ernst Röhm's brown shirts than anything else. While you can call Ernst Röhm fascist, a lot of his rhetoric was Marxist sounding. Formally, Fascism is a school of economics and its main proponent, Pareto has a quality control technique named after him. There is also a probability distribution function called the Pareto distribution. I t is on this basis that the left calls anything on the right fascist. The California F Scale Test is used by left leaning academics t label anything they disagree with as Fascism. They seek to deligitimize opposing political beliefs by writing off as some type of personality disorder. This has been going on for the last fifty to sixty years and is just now starting to be widely questioned in a broad sense by the populist movement on the right.

  6. Just do a political compass test using the rhetoric of all the different identity politics groups.
    Stalin and Mao hits the mark. I did this last year and been planning for a bloody battle since

  7. I'm kind of with Eco on this one. Totalitarianism is a subclade of Fascism. It all hall of the tenets of fascism plus some more.

  8. Umberto Eco is Italian, with the last name spoken like "echo", not like American "eco". No offense, I know it is hard to know how foreign words are spoken.

  9. Ahhh yes, the self aggrendising yet victim begging list that just so happens to coincidentally paint literally EVERYONE that the one inventing said lists as whatever they want to believe they are. Ignore the convenience of the list. It's totally not rigged so you're just again 'em instead of wif 'em.

  10. Eco fell for the folly of believing the Left/Right political spectrum. If you use the true spectrum running from Anarchy (0% gov control) to totalitarianism (100% gov control) you see that both Fascism and Communism are side by side. Theological regimes are there too. To argue which is really nothing more than arguing about the book the regime draws its moral authority from. Mein Kampf, Mao's Little Red Book, Marx, the Koran or the Bible makes zero practical difference.

  11. The crazy part of this is that Umberton Eco was born in 1932. While growing up, he would have seen the wounds of 20th century totalitarianism while they were still tender.
    Given his entire career and history, you'd think he wouldn't be stepping into the traps of sophistry he sets.
    What a fool.

  12. So many of these points apply to Progressives so much more accurately than to the literal Nazis from the 1930s and 40s. It's downright scary!

    1 The cult of tradition: Is that really specific to fascism? Following tradition for tradition's sake is just as bad as following change for change's sake. Both extremes replace merit by blind obedience.

    2 The rejection of modernism: Take out the weasel words and you can apply it to progressives, who are irrational to the core. They reject a lot of science as "problematic", work to undo everything that has been done to reconcile Black and White (they basically brand MLK as a racist), reject the idea that women are adults with the ability to take responsibility etc.

    3 The cult of action for action's sake: Like burning down cities and forests, murdering and looting, as a form of protest against alleged misconduct by the police?

    4 Disagreement is treason: That is the very foundation of the progressives' every thought, action, and statement.

    5 Fear of difference: Just as bad as blind worship of difference. Being against any form of diversity is no worse than strictly enforcing diversity for diversity's sake. Plus, progressives are racist against whites, sexist against men, and oppose diversity of opinion.

    6 Appeal to social frustration: Note how the progressives are constantly "reeeeee"ing about how this and that must be changed because it is soooo wrong.

    7 The obsession with a plot: Like "patriarchy", "rape culture" etc? "The followers must feel besieged". That perfectly describes progressives who attributes everything they don't like to one of several conspiracies about shadowy forces.

    8 The enemy is both strong and weak: Like "Everything men can do, women can do better, now let's protect the poor, weak women from the evil men?" This doublethink, this contradiction is ubiquitous in Progressive dogma

    9 Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy: Sounds like "silence is consent" "silence is violence" to me….

    10 Contempt for the weak: "Elitism is a typical aspect of any reactionary idology". The progressives are extremely elitist and are often attacking others over perceived weaknesses. "Masculinity so fragile" and "Male tears" come to mind. Beyond that, true contempt for the weak is no worse or better than idolation of the weak. And meritocracy is NOT the same as contempt for the weak.

    11 Everybody is educated to become a hero: Again, "silence is consent" and similar propaganda plays right into this. Progressives not only encourage everyone to act "stunning and brave", but they actively try to shame anyone who doesn't go along.

    12 Machismo and weaponry: Wait, what? Saying that it's only fascism if it's male-centered is inherently sexist. "intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits" Is an interesting point. It's the Progressives' "foot in the door" tactic. Claim that any disagreement with so-called "nonstandard" habits is intolerance, start with a relatively harmless one like homosexuality, and when you force everyone to accept that, move on to other things: First transsexuals, then pedophiles and animal rapists. And I really do wish I was making this up, but it is happening right now. Plus, the Progressives manage to use this "machismo" propaganda to turn it all on its head and irrationally attack those who have normal sexual habits. "If you don't have sex with a man who calls himself a woman, you're evil"

    13 Selective populism: "There is in our future a TV or Internet populism, in which the emotional response of a selected group of citizens can be presented and accepted as the Voice of the People." You coudln't find a better way to describe Progressives. This guy hits it so perfectly on the head that I'm almost convinced he was a seer.

    14 Ur-Fascism speaks Newspeak: Again, this is so accurate in describing Progressives that I think it might be a good idea to look through the guy's stuff to find his time machine. Progressives have their magic words they use to try to silence those who disagree with them: Everything they don't like is "problematic", Everyone they disagree with is a "Nazi", a whole array of -phobes is used to instantly label anyone who has a different opinion as a "blind hater". They have their own definitions for all the sins they preach are evil, like "racism", which magically doesn't apply to hate against white people, "sexism" which excludes misandry.

  13. Was America infiltrated by agents from communist Russia? was their goal to overthrow capitalist governments and make the world communist?
    back in the 1950s many Americans believed these 2 ideas were true and by the end of the decade it had been proved that they were false.
    if there really were sleeper agents from Russia sent here ,and these agents taught American children all about communism and these kids have been changed so they were no longer loyal to America and they are now loyal to the communist revolution, and now there are many traitors here in America who are succeeding in their secret goals. It appears this conspiracy is a success.

  14. @akkad daily
    Well, the Soviets were fascist, I suppose. How much is it statist and how much is it fascist? How much of a difference is between the two?
    Stalin was the sole supreme leader, above law and above the state, and he established a cult of identity around him. Much akin to Mussolini. Is that not fascism?

    By the by, Israel is right now deteriorating into a tyrannical dictatorship.

  15. Hahahahahahahaha!
    The sad part is, your audience believes this…
    There is no one so funny and sad than a Republicon trying desperately to get you to believe something.

  16. Thank you Sargon of Akkad . This is Umberto Echo drops yet another pile of steaming trud .
    Libertarian individualist conservatives are not authoritarian genocidal cult left totalitarians .
    Socialism is fascism and fascism is socialism , communism is the international cult of nazism .
    Since the time of Napoleon , collectivist tyranny has been the cause of injustice in the world .

  17. In contrast to you, I would describe the Soviet Union and Mao's China as Fascist.
    Hitler had the same ideas about his Führerkult and turning himself into some heavenly figure after death.
    I grew up in East Germany, and… it wasn't any different from how my grandparents described the Nazi-times with the Hitler Youth – We simply had named them "Pioneers", but it was all the same. Secret Police, Fake Democracy, propping up "the enemy" for faulty reasons and so on. The indoctrination was all the same. Ice Level, Lava Level, same Geometry.

  18. Umberto Eco grew up during fascism in Italy, so he's also talking about his personal experience and the Italian version specifically. I personally think Mussolini checked a lot of boxes.

    Edit: also in the index Eco explains which totalitarianisms he's specifically addressing within the book, including Stalinism and Maoism (I can't find my copy of the book but I recall those two were included).