The $158 Billion Mortgage Cliff

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We’re facing a $158 billion mortgage cliff. Should we worry?


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  1. Think you might of hit the nail on the head. Aussies are crap at personal financial management. Not they are to blame really. Why isn't such an important subject like personal financial management taught in school? I am a gen X er and have recently retired early , owing my house and with no debt. While working I would hear my younger work colleagues complaining about how hard it is to get into the housing market while drinking their 2 large cans of energy drink and spending $20- $30 a day on morning smoko and lunch not to mention their top of the line phones brought on plans and their new cars brought on finance. As I said , not really their fault as they haven’t been educated on how to manage their finances.

  2. Why are so many people shit with moneys?
    For the past 20 years (at least) the Australian education system has prevented the youth from becoming adults. No responsibility, no self management, reliance on authority, hiding from difficulty, fear of challenges, expecting to be cared for, constant need for attention and unwilling to sacrifice for dependents.

    We have a population of children in adult bodies

  3. So my Fixed rate does not end till May 2025, As I only had a small loan I'll have paid it off and be under $100k so when the rate goes up I will nearly the same as I do now. I think it gets forgotten that what people owe on their loans will be smaller by the time their Fixed rates end. Just saying 🙂

  4. His missus needed to tap him on the shoulder to tell him that he doesn’t need to say Heise at the start of every video, he’s a high functioning autistic like myself…..try doing it on your own

  5. I'm from south Africa where your interest rate was literally a roller coaster and I hated that. Bought 2020 and then 2021 here, fixed both for 4 years….. broker thought I was insane. Yup no mate, just seen what can go wrong…

  6. gotta ask heise, i noticed cheap prefabs on ebay, 1 bedroom homes that get concreted in ( not a tiny home on a trailer ) for like $30k, what do you think of those? 35sqm on avg, does that sound too good to be true?

  7. Side hustle ? yeah will just pull one of them out of the air ! a lemonade stand ,collecting aluminium cans ,washing mongrels dogs ! awesome ! and Kochie the Guru ,stop buying coffee and food at the cafe, and tuck shop, awesome ,and save heaps to pay the Mortgage wow !

  8. When i did an apprenticeship in 1990s as a Dry cleaner, there was one unit of study at trade school that delved into the economics of luxury v's necessity as pertains to when and how people would use dry cleaning services.

    What is funny is they tried to teach was that in an economic down turn that discretionary spending on luxuries such as dry cleaning would plummet.

    But after 11 years of dry cleaning and an up selling promotion of blue ribbon service taught me was that poorer suburbs where willing to spend twice as much on upkeep of their existing garments than rich suburbs.

    One could assume that in an economic downturn even the rich would be more interested in maintain their existing garments than buying new ones on a replaceable basis.

    Now this all depends on selling price. With inflation hitting, (excepting warmer temperatures and climate change as to overcoat wearing) welcome back to your dry cleaner, folks.

    Subscription service providers; netflix stan mobile phones etc etc. Good luck to you. Most of these are pure luxury.

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