The 2022 State of the Union Address: The Analysis

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  1. Uhhhhhh, correction: I can’t speak for everyone but as for me personally, those tax cuts did in fact help me immensely. As for the “American Rescue Plan” however, I literally saw nothing from it. Thank you.

  2. i love when democrats be like we need to ban assault rifles and high compacity mags while allowing wars to break out. fuck it lets say our government would never be tyrannical well i still feel a lot safer knowing if anyone ever tried to invade america we are highly strapped and willing to die for our freedoms.

  3. Brandon is bragging about having lots of family to help him out "while being a single parent." Then why are his kids sooo f*cked up?… I know they have HIM for dad. But not ONE OTHER family was a positive influence on them?.

  4. I'm convinced that even democrats didn't listen to the Biden state of the union speech and that their standing up and cheering was scripted. They seemed to be standing and reacting at odd times as if they weren't following along properly.

  5. LOL Listening to Kamala explain the situation to an audience of adults on a radio morning show you would think she was trying to explain it to a group of 5 year old in kindergarten class.

  6. "We're going to buy America." Is that why Biden shut down the Keystone pipleline and is now buying oil form the very people we're supposed to be having sanctions against? Good job Joe. 👍👍👍

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