The 2023 recession will be long and ugly (Jeff Bezos’ warning)

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The 2023 recession will be bad. Or will it? There’s almost no doubt now that a recession is coming, but in reality, nobody can predict just how badly it’s going to affect our lives.

Economists, world leaders, and CEOs are all weighing in on the coming recession, and discussing what could be ahead for the Unites States, and the world. One such person is Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos, who has even gone so far as to tell people to stop buying large items to save for the future, an announcement that could obviously affect his company’s profits.

But just how bad might the 2023 recession be? And are our leaders really properly preparing us for what might be coming? I’ll try to answer that in this video.

Let me know your thoughts below.

0:00 – The economy is getting worse
0:39 – Are we in a recession? The numbers
3:35 – Masterworks insert
4:55 – The recession and politics
6:39 – How bad could the recession get?
7:47 – My final (human) thoughts

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  1. All I can do at this point is hope to invest in the dips as they come. I don't believe gold is a valuable asset unless you inherit it and sell it. If sh*t hits the fan, it won't help me. Buying and selling it is such a crapshoot. Fine art feels like a sick joke. I should've sold my crypto when it last peaked.

  2. It's all very well for the super-wealthy, like Jeff Bezos, to tell people to batten down for a recession, but the vast majority of us cannot build play-forts out of money.

    I also must contest the suggestion that lower stratum of workers as the "employees with the least value." I had hoped that the pandemic shutdowns had shown that the ones who actually create goods and provide services are the ones who are actually essential for an economy to function, not the fat cats with their cash stacks.

    But then again, I had hoped that after countless examples, the fact that cutting spending during a recession does nothing but aggravate the recession would be more accepted.

  3. People will only take so much daily bad-news. At this point, I think another "sort-of" Civil War is looming. People can only take so much "ugly" before they break! I hope not, but the high possibility of this is becoming easier to see.

  4. I remember a year or two before the 2008 financial crisis we had an election in Canada. During a debate the leader of the Liberals at the time, Stephan Dion, basically warned people about softening in the housing market and how this could lead to a major recession. He was immediately jumped on by his political opponents for irresponsibly sowing concerns that would undermine the economy. Dion lost the election (for a variety of reasons), but when the recession hit in 2008 I remembered what he'd said.
    Democracy is the best system people have come up with, but it isn't perfect and this exposes one of its flaws. It's a popularity contest, and bad news is unpopular. It also exposes a flaw with modern markets in that so much of their health and wealth are built on confidence. News of a looming recession can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  5. At the end of the day, it's not what you do for you, it's what WE do to help one another. Money is a tool, it's not the end all be all. Thank you for a great video. IMHO, Don't live in fear, and realize that fear is God challenging you to RISE !!

  6. Being groomed for UBI. Stock market is up, jobs down. The rich get richer the poor segment of society expands. FTX fails, CBCDs advance as a financial alternative to the various crypto currencies. The Great Reset begins. It all seems pretty inevitable.

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