The 50-Year Mortgage Coming Soon?

The 50-year mortgage may well become a thing, as the UK Government confirms they are actively considering this move – despite modelling which shows it really only benefits banks, and may lift home prices even higher.

I fear we may well go the same way here, as I discussed recently with Edwin, our property insider. It is a form of madness.

You could bequeath your mortgage to your kids! And become effectively a life-long renter by another name. You will own nothing….

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  1. Maybe young people need to build their own house and learn skills. Buy a forest and use the timber for house building (or fuel !!). Anything is better than lifetime slavery. Free our people, give them a good education. Get rid of over privileged buffoons and banks which print money.

  2. Let the banks fail and jail corrupt politicians in collaboration with banks. This is the agenda of the world economic forum where you have something but own nothing. Might as well have a social credit system as money is worthless. The new homes will fall apart before the mortgage ends. If it ever suggested, I write the PM again because I have no fear

  3. Well if the dumbing down of more young people continues this, like all of the other insanity around property, might also be accepted by a certain few. It’s probably too late now though, rates are on the way up, prices are plummeting and bullish sentiment has gone, for the first time since the 90s the property market is really being exposed for what it is, a incomprehensibly giant two tiered Ponzi scam where the poor trade their entire working life’s productivity for usually very old bricks, rusted nails, degraded timber that needs constant financial and physical input to maintain. Whilst the rich scammers push a key, and create a life sentence in fake debt that is agreed upon. It’s the definition of insanity and far more people are waking up to it.

  4. Controlled global QT is needed. Markets need to cool. Then government need to keep their big beaks out of the free markets!!!!!

  5. Let me guess? Kids will pay stamp duty once passed to them too. I intend to die and bequeath family home to kids. This is only way I’m aware to avoid them paying stamp duty.

  6. There is no reason(s) for children to take on mortgage of the parents at all.
    They can always sell the property when the parents are no longer around to pay the mortgage. This optionality is overlooked here!

  7. Every financial goal requires patience, dedication and consistent spirit knowing that investment is currently the most lucrative business in the world, both NFT, real estate and Crypto shares are really positively changing people's lives.

  8. Why would anyone even consider this, for every 10 years added to the mortgage the difference in repayments halves, in the example given 20 – 30 years the repayments go from $2879 to $2306 a $573 difference, 30 – 40 years $2306 to $2046 a $260 difference, 40 – 50 years $2046 – 1909 a $137 difference, and this trend will continue as the mortgage is further extended in time. What sort of lunatic would sign up for decades extra in repayments, when you save so little in the monthly repayments?

  9. The main stream media has kept referring to the Labor party winning the federal election as "the adults are finally in the room".
    As you rightly said Martin, someone needs to step up and take responsibility for this – so let's just see how truly mature this new government is.

  10. Haha so funny .I say good on the banks.
    Stuipid people will do anything to show the world they are rich in possession.

    I am happy living in a shit house with smaller dept. People in Australia are so stuipid . We have so much land but no one wants to leave city'.

    Your loss my gain stay in the city's poor while .I am happy living with less people,no traffic, low dept good lifstyle. Can walk to shops, water ,schools, train beach close
    Homes less than 600k .(was 500k a year ago)

    Just saying we need a inquire from the federal government into how Stuipid Australians are .

  11. This is already a reality.

    How many people move from house to house or from bank to bank.

    Every time they “switch” they reset the 30 year mortgage clock.

  12. Social housing takes away the reason for buying a house.
    Why would you work get a loan if you can get it for nothing…
    There has to be a better solution than that. Still interested in being your room mate Marty👍

  13. How about just limit people to owning 1 home ? Maybe 2 tops. That would solve the issue of people using houses as investments and drastically lower the cost back down

  14. The greedy bastards can try, but at some point people go: get fucked. I'm seeing it now. All the open acknowedment about stealing from Coles, woollies, the disgusting bigs. Fuck em

  15. Totally ridiculous the way the housing market has been manipulated. The end result by manipulation must surely end up having the price of a dog house worth more than a major lottery win of $40 million or $80 million or whatever. The whole thing is now farcical and corrupt.

  16. So we become a generation of essentially life time renters but you, the owner is still responsible for maintenance, rates and if in a unit body corporate fees……how much extra does that add on to equation?

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