The “6 Feet” Rule That DESTROYED The Economy Came Out of THIN AIR

GOD DAMMIT. Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb MD calls CDC’s six-foot distancing recommendation “arbitrary” and “a perfect example of sort of the lack of rigor around how CDC made recommendations.”

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  1. I remember the first time i heard about corona. My roomate was talking about the "government shut down in two weeks". I said "huh?"

    I googled for 3 hours and determined it was all fake and the left was using this to further their position.

    When Trump came out and said they will use mail-in ballots to steal the election. Thats when it all made sense.

  2. Seriously though. I can't wait for the documentaries made about this whole fiasco 30 years from now. All the disgusting and evil stuff we are unaware of now.

  3. Wow! It's true…
    Being proven right really is NO consolation to watching your country's immolation by ignorant asshats who will never face punishment for all the destruction they eagerly, the same would also say INTENTIONALLY, unleashed upon billions of people worldwide.

  4. I don’t know about y’all but I’m getting pretty scared about our immediate future (like next 5-7 years). I pray that this isn’t the beginning of the end. Best of luck to everyone

  5. The whole time is it that information and measures were wierd or not properly told. As much as i know is it with the mask as an example so that even now we don't know if it really work. The labor tests said they are working but that can not be said for the regular use and for that we should keep distance even with a mask (FFP1). Then were nearly no one were told how to act with a mask. Like when you cough or sneeze in a mask you need to take it of immedietly and put in a new one, that you need to change surgical mask after two hours with a half hour breath break where you shouln't wear a mask and with KN95 mask every 45 minutes. That you need to shave because with a beard the mask didn't sit tight and so on. That there are supposedly studys that say that lockdowns didn't help, the PCR test were used wrong and the quick test didn't work and much more. I still love the fact that we in some places still must wear a mask outdoor with no evidence that you can spread it over the air outside… It is all just a shitshow.

  6. COVID has been the perfect storm to:
    Steal a presidential election,
    Destroy Trump’s booming economy,
    Gain and maintain control over the entire American population.

  7. Looks like folks are starting to actually think. Like, where'd that number come from? I want to see the test notes on how the measured just how far covid could be shit before it died.

  8. Before the "pandemic" , who took precautions for your health? You did, not me or the rest of society or ESPECIALLY the government. Just you. So, who takes precautions for your health now. SAME ANSWER!

  9. 6ft is arbitrary according to those enforcing it however it was very deliberate from those in the shadows in charge of this entire circus. They actually have us performing satanic rituals. They stand 6 feet apart during those.

  10. Not out of thin air … was the same in ww2 with the nazis…. just because hilter vanished …. and assumed dead …" uuugghhhummmm you know what they say about assuming?" They, the thousandsand thousands of other nazis didnt die, instead went somewhere!!! It is a nationa list party soooo its lke sharia and demoncrates!!

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