The Absolute State of California

Shoplifting has moved from retail stores into pharmaceuticals in Santa Ana, California.

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  1. Don't get me wrong, fuck big pharma…but shoplifting doesn't only affect their pockets, it drives businesses out of the areas where it happens (look at Walgreens for example) and destroys jobs for the locals, plus makes medicine harder to get for the elderly.

  2. Your videos make almost no sense. They're so grainy I can't even see what the heck he took, or whats going on. Maybe try talking us through it. The sound also sucks,,,I have it max volume, and I have no idea what the chic says at the begining…why did that chic run,,,what's going on. What did he take?/?????

  3. I couldn’t care less. California willfully, deliberately, and happily votes for the “leadership” that fosters this, over and over and over and over and over again. Serves them right.

  4. This is a lot worse than stealing jeans. He's probably going to sell those drugs on the street to people who will then overdose on them and die. And yet, there is nothing being done about it, evidently…

  5. I tried to do the same with off the shelf vitamin D…

    … but the store sent the SWAT team on me before I get my turn to pay for it, because I had also recklessly asked if they were selling hydroxychloroquine by any chance.

  6. The masks empowered the lowlifes to riot and commit crimes, it was part of the virus scheme. Main part was to keep from seeing less than 100 people show up to any Biden/Harris rally, yet convince the world he got the most votes in history… We aren't fucking stupid, y'all are starting all of this nonsense and while it may take years the true American People will end it. I refuse to belive our country will fall to social globalism, the current administration's ineptitude towards current issues will be their downfall.

  7. They started it, only the elites can flee it, and the ultra elites (corporate slugs, politicians) will continue to profit even after the smart ones leave. They are creating their own nations by slow takeovers of states. Now states like Texas and Georgia are turning blue because the fleeing varmints are inhabiting our cities and they have made the voter restriction laws for new residents null and void…. All you have to have is a state ID and you can vote in that state….
    No evidence of you paying taxes in the state… no evidence of you being employed in the state…. no history of you living in the state for more than 1 year (used to be the GA law for voting)…… Just move here in the state in a family members house/apartment and you can vote in all the radical BS you fled from…..

    I really wish stupidity caused physical pain for these numbskulls….

  8. This is what happens when stores have policies against stopping thieves and criminals and when the state you live in goes communist and socialist. no laws matter is the new california group apparently. come join that P.C. bandwagon ya morons. smh

  9. yay! yes ! keep stealing more! youtube wants you to steal too since they take videos like this down! keep stealing guys its what your government wants and supports now ! glad they are getting what they voted for lmao

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