The Absurdity of the Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid – Viva Clips

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  1. Nate’s video today used the references “straw man” and “whataboutism” over and over about this discussion. It’s baffling how anyone wouldn’t be skeptical of claims made about Trump after the last 6 years of accusations that all eventually were found to be false and fabrications that the fbi was absolutely complicit in forwarding. The human’s capacity for gullibility it seems is extraordinarily vast and seemingly infinite in its scope and measure

  2. Barnes totally lied about the Judicial Watch Inc vs NARA case. NARA declined to declare the Taylor Branch Audio Tapes as subject to the PRA because they weren’t created as govt material or used for govt policy. Judge Jackson declined to force NARA to reclassify the recordings as subject to PRA.

  3. i personally believe that this was all predicated on biden signing an executive order waiving donald trump's executive privilege, which I do not believe he has the authority to do. They wanted all of his documents so they can look for something, anything that will allow them to pursue him or his supporters. and they found the perfect crooked trump hating judge to do their bidding.

  4. Their goal isn’t to prosecute Trump, although they would love that. This is about smearing Trump in the media in an attempt to convince more blind sheep to vote for them. All they have left is to point at Trump and scream epithets at him – racist, Hitler, dictator. I voted for Trump and if given the chance will do so again, UNLESS they can show anything to support that. Because if you could show me how that is true, I would change my vote.

  5. Trump is FPOTUS and tried to claim executive privilege over these planted docs and wants them back despite by definition executive privilege means they belong to the Office of the President not to fired Private Citizen Trump.

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  7. If you don’t like what happening in this country come to Whitby courthouse on August 30. Support constable Erin Howard who’s been charged for speaking on behalf of the truckers.
    Be there 8:30am 605 Rossland Rd E Whitby ON L1N 0B7
    She stud up for you, now it’s time we all stand up for her.
    There will be a convoy to a local park for a picnic with free food. (I have permit for picnic in park)
    Please come everybody. How can we expect the few good cops left to stand up for us if we don’t stand up for them?

  8. Most likely they are afraid their own corruption would be exposed if certain documents became public.

    Garland is a bitter wanta-be Supreme Court Judge. To bad his current boss wants a "doesn't know what a woman is" person on the Court.

  9. thats an interesting tidbit. i knew trump had the unilateral power to declassify but i didnt know he had the unilateral power to decide whats personal vs presidential. that leaves no leg for their illegitimate raid to stand on. why are we suffering these fools in power?

  10. Putin couldn't have done a better job silencing and intimidating critics and opponents than the Democrat National Committee, Biden and all their corporate and bureaucratic university educated useful idiots.

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