The Affordable Housing Smoke And Mirrors!

New housing legislation has been introduced to Parliament to deliver the “single biggest investment” in affordable and social housing in a decade.
States and territories tackling their own housing supply crises will have greater help via new federal bills introduced to Parliament on Thursday (9 February).

Under the umbrella of three new bills — the Housing Australia Fund Bill; National Housing Supply and Affordability Council Bill; and Treasury Laws Amendment (Housing Measures No. 1) Bill — the government has delivered “the single biggest investment in affordable and social housing in more than a decade.

But as we discuss the proposals are small and driven by a neo-liberal mentality. Does not addres the fundamentals of housing affordability but plays around the edge for political advantage. We need better!

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  1. Pity tax and town planning changes don't seem to be on their agenda. Importing thousands of people during a housing crisis in order to keep wages down was probably not helpful to our housing crisis either.

  2. Coming to Australia soon
    Stranded assets
    Implemented in France. Government will introduce green standards to existing homes which will drive the property associated economy. If your property doesn’t meet the standard you can’t not sell or rent out your property therefore becoming a “stranded asset. This will cost many home owners tens of thousands $$$$ steering them in into more debt.
    You’ve been warned!!

  3. A bit like the 4000 hospital beds Andrews promised that never eventuated. They are best buddies after all. read the same play book, sadly people believe them. Its just rhetoric at this stage, no substance. More public servants I suppose. Considering we are heading into a recession at best, a depression at worst, nothing will get done. There will be no return on funds to pay for it.

  4. 130 million gets you 5,600 social and affordable home [commencements] Wow…government [in Queensland] is great at doing things. We should get them to do everything. 23,214.28 per 'started' house… So, they've got an option on a plot of land sorted…the rest is up to you.

  5. Great video as always Mr. North. This is such a small and trivial plan it will not touch the sides. In WA alone, 40,000 new homes per year are required just to maintain the existing stock plus average population growth. State housing is so low it is effectively non-existent. Every evening I walk the dog along the swan river and talk to the 5 to 10 people setting up disheveled tents or beds for the night as they have nowhere to live. some have been there for years. All are good people with very interesting and often sad lives. Many were once successful. Then there's the mainstream housing problem (the real issue). The government needs to build not fewer than 200,000 homes per year just to break even (no population growth). Where is the plan, the vision? Let's stop paying our polly's and give develops only 3 years to sell all land in a development before forfeiting the land.

  6. Any action by the Political Class to build government housing will only inflate the debt and deficit crisis that they've deliberately created for the past 15 years. If the do contribute to Public housing development, it would be focused on "smart" cities like the one in Oxford UK, except high rises would be preferable because it would be a lot easier for them to lock the emergency exit doors when they announce the next lockdown.

  7. bolshy talk martin, it was greed and spineless pollies on both sides of the fence who aren't prepared to tell the public to tighten their belt, last time we had a pm that did was knifed tout suite

  8. Returns from the fund will deliver,laughable,who is going to manage the fund,someone overpaid,overeducated,inadequate like Philip Lowe,risky and stupid,(stalling tactic) Labor type idea,should be substantial direct payments to eligible to get ahead in life…

  9. Government should do what NZ did with regards to planning reform. Make it easy for people to subdivide. I think you can now build 3 dwellings on a lot with no planning permits. Obviously this isn't allowed where there are protection overlays for heritage etc.

  10. Great video Martin. I am not sure this will ever be fixed in my life time. No one honestly wants to fix it. As long as they are OK, f everyone else. Sadly this is an attitude that now permeates Australia. An attitude that was not around in the early 90's and seems to taken hold when people got big eyes from property gains. Sydney lost its soul in part due to this exact greed.

  11. but even if they built new homes…do you really think these new homes will be affordable? If they put them up for rent, they would want "market rents' meaning they'd be just as expensive as existing rental properties. They are not going to rent a brand new home for cheap

  12. This country is run by self-serving commonwealth clowns.

    Their Westminster clownshow has no mechanism to mend the broken arrangements where donors shape the country as a farm for debtslaves and profit on war machine.

    As all available political options are a version of corporate sponsored population growth agenda the reality we face is corporate political fascism.

    Disgrace. This sewer is just a prison for profit on poverty by politicians

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