The Afghanistan Collapse: An Analysis

Military withdrawal symptoms…

00:00 The Began-ning
06:17 The Denial
10:59 The Meltdown Begins
14:47 The Misdirection
16:11 “Afghanistand”
16:48 Andrew plays Monday Morning Quarterback 😉


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  1. Oh Andrew. Misinformation your viewers yet again. It was Trump's idea to pull out of Afghanistan, and he scheduled to do it on May 1. Biden extended that to September. Not to mention, the vast majority of Americans support the removal of troops from Afghanistan. There is no way you can actually blame Biden for this. It was all Trump's idea.

  2. This Bumbling idiot just made the 9/11 20yr war for Security for the United States all for nothing, he gave the Enemy 80 $90 billion dollars worth of Military equipment If we thought 9/11 was bad we haven’t seen the worst yet thanks Joe great job liked it better when you were hiding in your basement

  3. Biden could have just left everything alone, the TURMP Ministration put it all in play and it was working, just look at the board gas prices Operation warp speed ect ect , some one needs to Resign But every thing the left Touches it gets destroyed, Dennis Prager

  4. If this is what being presidential looks, sounds, ands acts like, I'll take the unpresidential mean tweeting Donald J. Trump back right now.
    Trump put the United States first and foremost. I miss true leadership like that.
    2024 cannot get here soon enough.

  5. One thing you got wrong isis/isil daesh is not allied with the taliban,they are a splinter faction that believed that the taliban weren't strict enough with sharia law so they decided to join isis.

  6. If you were purposefully wanting to destroy America and put American's and American Soldiers in danger, would you do anything differently?? This "president" is the biggest fraud in American history.

  7. We may not be able too blame Biden for the withdrawal, but we damn sure can blame him for making the Taliban great again. The demorats want to take away my AR-15 and any other black scary guns, but it’s ok too give the Taliban 358,530 M16/M4/AK47 mind you they are full autos and 64,363 machine guns unreal.

  8. Look its been all over except the crying for a long time. Yeah probably could have been less messy but the only thing left to possibly negotiate was free passage to the airport. The USA lost and the Taliban had little incentive to give the US jack by this point. Plenty of blame to go around for a catastrophic waste of people and resources. Pray for Afghanistan.

  9. One person. I repeat one Person voted against invading Afghanistan! So I guess this isnt a Dems Repubs issue. They are all complicit and should be remembered as criminals. Guess who that person was who voted against it…NOT FKN BIDEN. He’s now your president. Let that sink in for a bit. Fkn clown shoes best describes the American congress. You haven’t had a decent human run your country since Roosevelt. Possibly with the exception of Kennedy. So they topped him and his brother for good measure. Perfidious. Yet he was no prize either. Future looks bright!

  10. Afghanistan went exactly the way they wanted it to. They left the weapons on purpose, as well as, all the people they left. We wanted our military pulled out, but they make a lot of money, and have many backdoor deals going on. So, they had to change our minds. They used reverse psychology on us. Now we a screaming go back. The next phase is our weapons will be used against our allies, and our people will be used as hostages. The end goal is the destruction, or occupation of Israel! Anyone who has a talent for strategy, would tell you the same thing. They are getting close to checkmating us. Control Israel, and you can control the Church!

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