The Afghanistan Exit Plan Which the Biden Admin Shelved

How the Biden administration shelved a Trump plan to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan–thus paving the way for the current crisis in which thousands of Americans remain stranded in a region now controlled by the Taliban.

Dinesh D’Souza is an author and filmmaker. A graduate of Dartmouth College, he was a senior domestic policy analyst in the Reagan administration. He also served as a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

He is the author of many bestselling books, including “Illiberal Education,” “What’s So Great About Christianity,” “America: Imagine a World Without Her,” “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” “Death of a Nation,” and “United States of Socialism.”

His documentary films “2016: Obama’s America,” “America,” “Hillary’s America,” “Death of a Nation,” and “Trump Card” are among the highest-grossing political documentaries of all time. He and his wife Debbie are also executive producers of the acclaimed feature film “Infidel.”

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Written by Dinesh D'Souza


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  1. The biggest problem I have with the Republicans is they never fully stand up and call the bleeding heart liberals to task for their obvious lies! W as the American people need to stand up and hold both parties accountable!! it's time to take our country back for the liberal and woke communities!!!!

  2. Not my President Biden took extra time by not following through on the existing agreement. In all that time he could have gotten people and everything else out, but the simple fact is he did nothing! That's why we have this chaos.

  3. The same type of independent well trained military/security, as was used during Benghazi, will be contracted to extract Americans. That is what it will take to get them into the airfield.

  4. I agree that they need to start answering for this tragedy of leadership. But how many times are we going to say this. When will they start actually having to answer for things. Election fraud..nope. COVID scare tactics and flip flopping..nope. Tramping on the constitution..nah. Southern border humanitarian again. And now a disgrace on the world stage. We need to find a way to hold their feet to the fire faster because they’re trashing things faster than we can stop them!

  5. They need to impeach him; at least consider it. Will they? Nah. This is our current leadership. Do you people believe any of them really care about out Country? There job is to bring us up, not down

  6. So, the Biden administration was going to charge US citizens but not any Afgan refugees for evacuating them from Afghanistan. This kind of treatment of American citizens in comparison to non-citizens sound familiar?

  7. Completely agree about impeachment. If this doesn't call for impeachment proceedings, what does? I mean, it's not like Biden stole an election or did anything shady with the leader of a foreign government but still…

  8. This admin really worked overtime hours to get themselves this deep into quicksand. I've never seen this level of incompetence in my entire life. One blunder after another, like it's written ahead.

  9. Remember Trump abandoned the Syrian Kurdish fighters who were frontline foot soldiers against Da'esh (ISIS), only a few months prior to US elections in 2020.
    After all, it is an
    unbroken custom of the US to leave allies & friends especially at most dire times…!
    More over, it was Trump & his foreign minster Pompeo that concocted the half mesure shabby deal with involvement of KalilZad, (the Afghan born dubious questionable character existing at the scene eversince 2001), signing the so called EXIT deal with Tallaban which basically sums how the debacle began!
    Point being, its mind-boggling to what shamful extent the US authorities both military & civilian will take steps towards in order to evacuate the forces dismissing entirely the idea of Super Power Hood, and the exercise bestowed on such posture…?!
    To put it briefly a super power shouldn't run deserting the scene!

  10. Never doubt, we are doing Obama's 3rd term bidding by going on and on about this so called mistake. It was and is all planned. To get Biden out and replace him as his numbers are tanking. The REAL news is the Election Integrity movement just starting with unification of all 50 States to investigate 2020 whether we won or not. The Biden/Harris Administration are American Marxists (Mark Levin's new excellent Book).

  11. Dinesh, would you Please post a link to the article by “Aheme Kasam”from the “National Post” about how the Biden’s people shelved President Trumps evacuation plan.
    I can’t even find the article or how to spell this gentleman’s name correctly in a Google search.
    Thank You and God bless you for all your doing to help expose the corruption in our current administration.

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