The Afghanistan Withdrawal Is A Horrorshow


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  1. What do you mean "look out for those false Flags in the future"?
    Gulf of what, Ruby Ridge where, Waco huh, agent orange what,…I don't know what you're talkin about, and I don't believe that you do either.
    The one thing I am sure of, is that with the US government's complete and total Immaculate record of honesty and transparency, there is no reason not to trust everything they say.

  2. Of course the Afghan troops aren't going to bother fighting the Taliban. A peace agreement was agreed to. Signed and sealed. But then Biden decided that rather than pulling out in an orderly fashion back in May like Trump's plan agreed on, the American troops would stick around until September 11th instead so that it would be Biden who got us out, not the Orange Man, and there were rumblings that said pull out wouldn't be as complete as agreed upon (because neolibs, amirite?). So naturally the Taliban, who had agreed to the previous deal, were pissed, and so was everyone else over there, including the warlords who had been tentatively allied with the Afghan government against the Taliban but are now not. So the Taliban started the fighting back up with little to no resistance, and when the US realized they'd shit the bed, they just noped out without a care or a plan, leading to today.

    Only winners in this are China, as the only world power left in the region that the locals don't viscerally hate. Almost like that was the plan all along…

  3. The left must be chuffed tho. As they keep blabbering “imperialism is bad” so the west leaving and the Taliban returning and slaughtering people is, from Afghanistan perspective at least, a return to normality or somet along them lines

  4. I feel like this will become even more obvious as a massive mistake a few years down the line, when the Taliban starts supporting terrorism, starts threatening the surrounding region, and the USA ends up spending way more money and people putting them down again, that they could have by simply not leaving.

    Heck, they could still return now and catch the Taliban with its pants down. They could still end the madness now, but they won't. They will delude themselves into thinking it will be somehow ok this time, they will wait until the Taliban grows stable, strong and aggressive.

    It feels like the USA had the keys to the world and is letting them slip not because its no longer powerful, but because dumbass politics are putting it all to waste. Being an American general must be really frustrating right now.