The Age Of ANGER! Who Are Our Real Enemies?

Working class people have been let down, creating divisions and anger, but who we should really be blaming? I discuss this with documentary director Deeyah Khan.
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Written by Russell Brand


  1. as a scientist and engineer at the height I was making $120 K @ year as a optical engineer making the optical microlithography machines that I was in charge of putting together that made all SiO2 chips for Intel ,AMD, Fairchild Semiconductor that those companies bought from Perkin-Elmer for 1,3 mil and a lower priced for 750 K then Clinton signed the H-1-N Visa bill that read american engineers and scientists were not available so they could bring in Chinese, Indian, Korean, and other groups that they could pay $22K @year so they lied the masters did not like paying American University trained Scientists six figures that is the bottom line now at 71 I teach Calculus and Differential Equations to whoever requires that course but it is very little because all the big corporate manufacturers moved out of the U.S,A. to other countries Apple corporate headquarters is on Northern Ireland and that is the story excuse me while I go back to my opium pipe

  2. the majority of the conservative working class are like children who have been fooled by the right wing "you can have it all"
    propaganda .

  3. This is amazing and makes so much sense to me! I absolutely agree and love hearing this. It's inspiring to see two people having an open and intelligent conversation and gives me hope that we may be able to move in a more positive direction. Great video!!! 💜💜💜

  4. I was a dem for all my life but after 15 yrs of them basically saying i was the problem and my very young sons were as well. Why would I stay ? Not a trump guy but i can understand the draw.

  5. and Needs Addressed! Don't forget We The baddeesWhitees Say God alot we Belueve always have in God and God has been with us and we Theobald guys designed made constitution. THE REASIN YIUR allowed in this Hate whitey COUNTRY.OReven HAVE CHOICE .S .TO 'HATE'OKthink about Thst FactToo.were not lazy.ok.not stuoid We know.were Not hate-filled We deserve to protect our selves OurCountry we're invested in and our lives .ok.think about Them Facts.and who looks stuoidNow TheHaters.

  6. I’m a woman, and I dispise women like this. She’s causing all the rest of us women so much stress and vulnerability while stealing everything that’s dear to us, including our own personal resilience…
    I think I’m finally at a point I’m going to blame someone else for my problems as a woman.
    These types of women.
    Women like her.
    She’s made everything that real women stand for, vulnerable to attack and destruction from the enimies we’ve battled for women LIKE HER, for generations.

    She needs to put on a headscarf and get back in her place.
    The oppressive (not all but the oppressive ones) Men from her culture are 100% to blame for their women being out of check. Because they are not respectable men and treat their women like sh!t, their women turn into messed up leftists who think No one else has their sh!t together.
    No. Just you. Just. You.
    The rest of us found our peace and our God. We have our head on straight and we know how to be a good women.
    Get the f out.

  7. As usual the arrogance of the leftie intelligentsia displays itself. What I hear is the problem is one of presentation and if the ignorant masses could be told its all Trump's fault they would drop their differences and band together in harmony against the overlords….well, yes the elites are the manipulators, but that includes the leftie clever types who know better for us….problem is that tribalism is still a major part of human consciousness and mass immigration, particularly in the UK, by people from radically different cultures is destroying existing, traditional culture and inevitably that doesn't go down well with many of the British….it's like another version of colonialism, that we are all supposed to despise….unfortunately it's a self imposed one because much of the media, the BBC in particular, are such powerful promoters of corporate state and globalist interests…

  8. I don't know who she is or what things she has done but from this small talk my impression is that middle class people on the left now think they are superior to poorer or working class people. They believe they are better educated, spiritually more evolved and have a moral obligation to show others the error of their ways. To tell them how they have been wrong and how they should be seeing things.
    Even if it comes from a place of compassion and empathy and a need to make the world a better place. It is still not a meeting of equals but as superior and underling.
    "yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise so I am changing my self"

  9. Using Trump to paint millions of people as same individuals is a communist war tactic.
    Labeling individuals as a “whole community “ is parasitic thinking.
    Not critical thinking 🤔

  10. It's gotten to the point where you can see a person all cracked out on the side of the street, arguing with themselves, making some good points, turn around and LOSE the argument with themselves..
    Then say to yourself "damn, look at that leftist over there" and be 100% accurate every single time.
    Even leftists recognize other leftists by their ability to look like homeless crayon boxes… I believe all the "smart democrats" that DID exist in the past have all abandoned the left and now the party is ran by social rejects that are overwhelmed by clapping.. fragile, angry, aggressive cry babies.. people are FED UP bruh

  11. This woman isn't even talking sense, to attack others for laws passed with her blessings (collectively) would suggest she's a shill. Otherwise she wouldn't be trying to pass blame from those at the helm to subjects under their control.

  12. What she doesn't understand is that the "left" are the puppets of the elites that leach the wealth from the people of the nation. The "right" knows that the Muslim isn't his enemy, the impoverished black man isn't his enemy, the south American isn't his enemy.

    We both just want the elites raping our country gone but you will never truly listen and keep throwing other enemies at us before we can deal with those scum at the top.

  13. Liberal and left can be distinct things. You can be liberal and not be leftists in terms of your economic ideology and thinking. There's a reason people like Hilary Clinton can be in the same party with Bernie Sanders but still hate his guts.

  14. The so called elites have succeeded in creating division and distrust, while they manipulate the markets and steal from us all; the end game is to own it all and have a set underclass. The young 'progressives' have lapped it up.