The Age of the Furries Is Upon Us

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  1. Their end goal is making pigs or sheep that have human organs. They're not going to have human intelligence unless for some reason they were designed to, but even then it would still be a pig brain with human neurons. The worst case isn't that the pig will have a human brain, it's that the human neurons won't work the way pig ones will and the pig will be paralyzed or retarded or suffer in some other inhumane way.

  2. Given enough time, alex jones will always be proven right. it's true. in the late 2000's-early 2010's they we're researching uses for spider silk in dragon scale body armor plating and kevlar.

  3. When you sift through all the sensationalism of the character that is Alex Jones…you have a very accurate prophet and futurist. When you hear about stuff like this in a published article you can feel confident it has been around for at least a decade.

  4. When the world goes crazy, it makes the craziest of us look sane. Im a furry, and I want human/animal hybridization…. But not like this. Im more hopeful of the research being done into programing DNA to change on command, so one could turn themselves into a hybrid of some other animal. But not growing a new organism from scratch, thats unethical on so many levels. That hybrid is basically doomed to a life of servitude, and no being should be created for that. Even farm animals (sometimes) get the luxury of blissful ignorance until the time comes to kill them for produce, but this hybrid program sounds more like they would be under constant experimentation. This is some Secret of Nimh meets House of the Scorpion shit we are in right now… All I wanted was dolphins with tits.

  5. 25 years ago
    No Politician would have supported Gender Reassignment to 5 year olds

    China wouldn't have the balls to release a BIO Weapon on the world.

    Commies, Marxists and Socialists would not be in any for of power in America or taken seriously.

    Congress women wouldn't be spouting Sharia Law or have past experience as a Bartender first.

    Everyone would enjoy Entertainment without having Woke Fascist bullshit spewed out at us.

  6. First time ever lol As he’s been talking about it forever. I’m pretty sure our government or another has already done human cloning