The Albuquerque Statue Shooting & Its Horribly Botched Coverage | the Militia Attack That Wasn’t

UPDATE: blue shirt guy has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, but the case has yet to be evaluated by the district attorney. This will be an interesting and important legal case to watch. Source:

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Items referenced:
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Unrest at protests in 3 states leads to a shooting in Albuquerque and arrests elsewhere:
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Footage of the shooting:
Blue shirt man arrested:
No evidence blue shirt man is associated with the militia:
Militia denies association with blue shirt man:
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New Mexico self-defense statute:

Written by Matt Christiansen

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  1. I've read so much history alleging that the media and the intellectual class were targeted by revolutionaries because these noble pursuers of truth fought against revolutionary bloodlust. But the media and the intellectual class are egging on today's bloodthirsty revolutionaries. What do they think? Do they actually believe that the revolutionaries will raise them up if they win? No. They'll demand they print what they're told to print or face the headsman. Damned pandering fools. They'll get PRECISELY WHAT THEY DESERVE in the end.

  2. Wish there was a completion of all the backward stories since Trumps been in. As well as all the fake news in one.
    Never mind no one would watch it, it would be at least a dozen hours long

  3. Suggestion, don’t live in a state without Stand your ground Laws! Blue shirt guy was attacked, he should have been allowed to walk and the MOB should have been arrested!

  4. You should show the other videos of the blue guy assaulting 3 protesters before the incident happened, its obvious you're a dishonest person. You're pathetic and weak minded

  5. Can/should the media be held accountable/partly responsible for contributing to, if not outright creating hysteria that leads to injuries and deaths? At the very least, maybe there needs to be a regulatory body to licence journalists and take them to task and suspend or even revoke licences when they blatantly make false and misleading reports, articles, etc.