The Alex Jones Effect: Sue Kanye West! Sue Mondaire Jones! Sue NYT! SUE THEM ALL!

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  1. Everybody familiar with the George Floyd case knows he died by a Fetanyl/Chrystal Meth overdose, both several times higher then the normal death dose for a male human adult. He was already dying even before the cops arrived at the scene and he actually died later on in hospital, long after being handed over by the cops. Chauvin‘s action had nothing to do with his death, as everybody could see in the videos that Floyd was able to easily move his head around and had no problems breathing because of the hold.

  2. He actually knew the cop and worked with him in a nightclub prior to their encounter that day all of this to me is a bit strange and so was the video of him sitting on the ground near the front tire on the passenger side and then it goes to him sitting on the ground on the driver side on the road …all of this very strange and to me in my opinion staged maybe there should be a safe 🤣word where you’re allowed to state your opinion even if it’s out there and against the narrative or the agreed-upon facts I mean who cares if someone thinks he died of something else how is this punishable by suing for so much money it ruins you financially they should literally be a cop like $1 million for speaking your opinion

  3. I was saying over 2 decades ago that political correctness was a clear attack on free speech…….all setting the stage for destroying our constitution….all part of the globalist plan

  4. I think an officer murdered someone else I don’t believe an officer was murdered and I also believe actors were hired and I believe police escorted antifa off of a bus and I believe the guy that dressed like he had horns and furs on the tree from a movie expose that he was hired I believe it was not an event that was the fault of the Republicans or any Republican I should say definitely a planned event and definitely by a dem or liberal

  5. George made them all millionaires. Maybe they're running low on cash.
    Killed by a pro Trump mob. It wasn't just a mob but a pro Trump mob. So trump should be suing the NYT for using his name to somehow make a false accusation sound worse. Trump shouldn't just sue them for money, he should sue them for the pink slip of the entire company.
    Far fetched, or is this where we're heading?

  6. "Free speech does not include defamation" – sorry Viva but you're wrong on this one. Free speech is literally anything you can say at all. This country has gone down the wrong path for so long that you are unable to see just how far away from liberty we are. Defamation laws do nothing but give power to those who can skirt those laws, such as politicians, mainstream press, etc.

    If defamation were legal, would people place more trust or less trust in our mainstream institutions?

    It doesn't say "Congress shall make some laws abridging the freedom of speech." It says "Congress shall make NO law."

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