The American Recession is Already Here


There is no recession in Ba Sing Se.

America enters a RECESSION as inflation and gas prices spiral out of control. The stock market CRASHES plunging Bitcoin and other assets into a bear market. . The CDC approves COVID jabs for children under 5. Texas announces referendum to SECEDE from the union in what many are calling Texit. Is conflict inevitable?

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. Imagine telling an oil company "we're going to stop using oil because we're transitioning to renewables, but also we want you to make a 20-30yr investment by building new refineries and oil wells even though we're going to not use oil anymore, but also we're not gonna let you drill for new oil fields and we're going to increase the regulations to build or drill anywhere oh AND that keystone pipeline you've invest years and billions into? We cancelled it, but also just trust us and make more 20-30yr investments" Democrats want to blow up the cake and eat it too. Oil fields and wells and refineries are decades long investments….why would ANYONE build a single new refinery, well, etc… in a country so hostile to oil??? It's probably safer to open refineries in Russia or India at this point than the USA. Imagine the heart attacks everyone in the oil industry has every 2-4yrs…yeah i don't blame them for not building any new infrastructure for oil In a country that says they want to phase it out, but also want more oil like wtf???

  2. So who in Hollywood told their fans vote for Biden? Lmao..They absolutely need to tell their fans they fkd 🆙 huge big large massive 1000%

  3. So if Texas secedes from the USA would they accept based gun guys like me in so I can get the fuck out of the shithole I currently live in (australia)?
    Happy to swap citizenship with the leftie fuckwits that should be kicked out of Texas.

  4. Do they have a crystal ball? They are absolutely OBSESSED with injecting us all nonstop from pandemics THEY are creating.
    But what irritates me and bothers me more than this criminal cabal is the sheer number of sheeple who actually believe they care about us soooo much that they’d force us to choose between taking injections that we absolutely don’t want or no food/survival if we refuse. How dumb can you be to believe they love us so much or that it’s ONLY about money? Someone in a YT comment told me how naive I was in thinking that it was something more than just about money . 🙄

  5. even if Biden didnt shut off the keystone pipeline the situation would have been the same since according to conservative estimates construction would only have been finished by 2023.
    in short, its probably for the best that he shut down that project simply for the reason that it would have left him with more money.
    the best criticism of Bidens administration in this regard is that they mismanaged resources wasting them at useless programs during a pandemic(aka you cant have it both ways shut down the country and expect more output when you need it)

  6. stock up food, its every one for himself boiz. and most importantly make better investments. I always tell myself you don't need that new Car or that vacation just yet and that mindset helps me make more money investing. For example early this year I invested 10k in blue chip stocks and crypt0 s and made about 97k, but guess what? I put it back and traded again and now I'm rounding up close to Half a million. Delayed gratification always pays off. and here i am staying afloat this shit show going on with the economy

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