The Amount of Round-Up & Plastic Contamination in Food

Taken from JRE #1841 w/Brian Redban:

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  1. It's not by accident, rather by design imo. When you look at the global leaders n elites, they're obsessed with over population, it's all they ever talk about now…. All of them.
    Be pretty convenient if the majority of humans can no longer reproduce wouldn't it? – Except they're fucking idiots, they're gonna wipe out our species in doing it. Imagine that, the thousands of years of progress and evolution from 100billion people that have walked this earth, all their efforts for some arrogant, power-hungry communists to destroy all of it. They don't care about past or future humans, they couldn't care less if humans went extinct the minute after THEY died, it's pathetic and gross.
    They also don't really care about climate change or protecting the earth, any of that shit, they care about their own resource being taken, their own space being introduced, their own inconvenience.
    I'd be all for completely taking these idiots out but there are far too many gullible sheep these days it'd never happen. They think things like food shortages and gas prices being high are a good thing because they somehow believe the propoganda that Ukraine are surviving due to it. Pathetic. If you had half a brain you'd realize they lie about what's going on, there's no way Ukraine can fight off Russia (sadly) I ain't cheering for it of course, i'm just not living in a fake Harry Potter world.

  2. Eh, this isn’t new. The smart Drs have been talking about it for well over a decade but now the regular Drs are finally finding out. They’re always way behind the times. And the intelligent Drs are always dismissed as being fringe crackpots. It’s almost like they want to keep people ignorant and sick…

  3. They spray glyphosates/herbicides on large leaf crops, like sugar beets and Romaine lettuce. It gets into the sugar. Lots of recalls on ice cream and lettuce. Beet farmers next to me sprayed it and it drifted onto my property, and it killed about 15 acres of butterfly food and red willow. A huge financial, physical, and emotional toll on me and the wildlife that it supports.

  4. I keep reusable glass Tupperware containers in my car and bring them to restaurants when I know I’m going to have leftovers or I’m ordering food to-go. When I explain to restaurant staff that I’m trying to help the environment and reduce micro-plastics, they usually love it. Plus it saves them a container and it’s better for our health. Hot food+plastic=no bueno.

  5. I imagine a large amount of it boils down to inflammation. Not saying plastics aren't the result of the inflammation, because inflammation is a defense mechanism to keep inorganic foreign shit from effecting us long term. The issue with daily inflammation leading into the long term is it induces a lot stress on the body, and stress is the contributing factor for a lot of genetic hiccups, such as cancer, hormonal deficiencies, endocrine issues, etc, and what's worse is all that garbage is something that can be passed on to the next generation, even if it wasn't a preexisting condition from birth. We're more than capable of developing issues that we ourselves bring on by consuming dumb stuff, and then passing it on for the next generation to suffer. It's truly horrible stuff, but plastics are only part of the equation. Culture can very easily affect the way we think, and "mind over matter" is a proven scientific fact. Feminism has grown to the point that society is trying to heavily encourage men to be less of men and more like women, and sure enough, a majority of men gave into that. There's a lot of factors that ultimately play a part in the way we're negatively adapting over time.

  6. So I work for a place where I deal with Round Up and Ortho all day and right on the box it comes in that they take it out of before it goes on the shelf it says a Monsanto company right on the box….

  7. I work in agriculture and I can tell you were the round up goes. It breaks down. The chemical deteriorates. There should be no round up left in the crop after 30 days. Round up is only used in the spring/early summer before the crop can out compete weeds. How do I know this? Our crops are tested when we sell them off to the processor.

  8. Grow food at home, DONT USE PESTICIDES and then tell me. People who grow their own food and have since the day they were born (from family growing it of course) do t get cancer, they dont get diabetes, they don’t drink coke, they don’t eat McDonald’s, they grow and raise their own. As WE ALL SHOULD. WE have become too reliant on east to get food. Do you know how long it takes corn to pollinate, form and produce? 95-120 days. There’s no way they let it grow all the way or that it isn’t stimulated to grow faster, same for oranges and all other produce and meat. Have you seen a chicken house? It’s not just 1 on the property it’s 4-12 or more. Do you know how many chickens are in said chicken house? MILLIONS. Do you know how many die? Hundreds of thousands a week. The sign says antibiotic free yet that’s far from the case. South Carolina, home, produces most of the nations chickens. Not all but most. Chicken houses are everywhere. Our chickens are like Texas’ cattle. Staple. But it’s not like it used to be where these 5-10 families are producing chicken for the town while another 5-10 produce veg and fruit for the town. That died becuse of Walmart and such.

  9. Last heard in US. & Canada it is used now after harvest to dry the grains before storage or sale and making into grain products. Phalates are indestructible can be absorbed & recreated safe by mushrooms. Look it up!

  10. Paraquat is way worse and way more prevalent. We need $100 billion to completely overhaul our agriculture here in the states. Most of indiana and the Mississippi is ruined, not to mention georgia and the carolinas etc

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