The Assange Case Explained Simply

One of the most common reasons I hear from people on their reluctance to wade into the Assange debate is that they don’t understand it. It looks like a complicated issue to them, so they leave it to the experts.

In reality, the complexity of this case is a complete illusion. It’s very, very simple. It only looks complicated because many years of media distortion have made it appear so.

The US government is trying to extradite a journalist and prosecute him under the Espionage Act for exposing its war crimes with the long-term goal of normalizing this practice.

That’s it. That’s the whole entire thing. So simple you can sum it up in a single sentence. In a single breath.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. “ Police State-ing “- Remix Hot Blooded by Foreigner
    Well, we’re Police State-ing check it and see
    We got a fever of a hundred and three
    We say it’s Covid , So you’re dazed and confused
    We’re Liberty hating , Freedom taking
    You don't have to read our minds , Anyone can see the signs
    Authoritarianism and Tyranny is how we roll
    Lockdowns ‘n Quarantines sound so fine, if you don’t get your jab on time
    We know everything about you , you’ll have nothing, nowhere to go
    Now your time is through, you’re helpless against this fascist point of view
    Just The State and you, We’ll show you Gulags like you never knew
    That's why, We’re Police State-ing , check it and see
    Only the one percent have a future to be
    Come on Sheeple , The Vaccine mandate is free
    We’re Police State-ing , We’re Police-State-ing !
    Now it's up to you, to drop a dime on the courageous few
    Before you do, you have to sell your soul to you know who
    Well, We 're Police State-ing, check it and see
    Constitution been burning since nineteen hundred one three
    Come on suckers, still believe in the vote ?
    We 're hot blooded, We're hot blooded
    Police State-ing, DEA’s got a little too high
    Police State-ing, Your assets are forfeit and seized
    Police State-ing, Police Terrorism , just doing our thing
    Police State-ing,De-platforming Truth is our favorite way

  2. Yep, it doesn't bother them in the least BEING a gang of cutthroat, thieving, war criminal thugs. They just can't handle being EXPOSED as a gang of cutthroat, thieving, war criminal thugs.

  3. I appreciate your coverage of the Assange case. It's even scarier than prosecuting a journalist. They're also prosecuting a publisher. This case has a chilling effect on even citizen journalists & small (independent) publications when it's arguably the most important time in history that we all maintain our 1st amendment rights. The rush of media platforms (even Twitch) to censor us is terrifying. The fact that they're pushing HC for '24 now gives all of this a crystal clear context. We're screwed.

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