The Aussie Answer to the US Health Care Problem [Bite Size Bullshit]

The debate about healthcare in the US is polarizing and divisive, however there may be a compromise that will work for everyone – “Australian-Style Health Care”.

The GOP’s continued failure to repeal the collapsing Obamacare may leave room for “Australian-style” healthcare.

The “Aussie Answer” or “Trump Option” as Breitbart called it, could be a system where the government covers basic health care for all — a yearly checkup, immunizations, emergencies, and minor medical expenses — and optional private insurance covers everything else.

In Australia, the government provides free care in public hospitals, and subsidizes a portion of private health care, with private insurance making up the difference.

This video covers Cenk Uygur and Ben Shapiro’s debate at Politicon 2017. It also shows President Donald’s Trump support for Australia’s Health Care System, and explains how Australia’s Health Care System works.

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Trump praises Australian universal health care
Published on May 4, 2017

Ben Shapiro debates Cenk Uygar on Healthcare (Politicon 2017)
Published on Jul 31, 2017

Cenk Uygur vs Ben Shapiro LIVE at Politicon 2017
The Young Turks
Streamed live on Jul 30, 2017

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Published on Aug 9, 2011

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Written by Shuhood Khan


  1. Australia has nationalized healthcare in fact they call it Medicare. And it's worked well for a long time. Australia's healthcare costs are way lower than the US's. The U.S. system, according to data tracked by the Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker. … The U.S. spends about $8,745 per capita on health care costs, compared with less than half that — $3,997 per person — in Australia. Waiting lists are common here in the USA as well. One of the reasons Scott Galindez of Awake with John, just died at 52 waiting for a kidney transplant. And whose treament for diabetes was delayed because he didn't have private insurance.

  2. Obamacare destroyed the private insurance companies & as they left, to get them BACK, they are in full blackmail position. Obama fucked over the whole country. AGAIN.

  3. chunk ogre lives in magic world where pyramid schemes actually work for the people at the bottom.
    government mandated and controlled healthcare has done and will continue to do what government run everything does.. gets more expensive and less effective constantly as bureaucracy bloats and justifies budget and budget increases with incrementally worse performance.

  4. In general, Australias basic social safety net is a fairly sound and robust government instrument. A productive population lends itself to a productive nation and some of the highest living standards in the world are as a result. Australia's immigration policy is worth a look too. Albeit cracks are beginning to appear, especially in the left-leaning public education system.
    But it's all good, there's plenty of "Mick" Dundees to sort em out, soon as the schooies knocked over, that is.

  5. Shapiro says the US is still number one in 5-year cancer survival, but in what age group is cancer most prevalent? The Elderly. And what happens when you are over 65? You get government healthcare, i.e. medicare. So that argument is surely more an argument FOR government healthcare rather than against it.

  6. Do to the taxes paid in Australia for things like healthcare you average person lives at home until their in their late 30s-40s, the cost if housing is skyrocketing, of course Islam is taken over and don't forget the gun grab where crime has gone through the roof they didn't even have a term for home invasion which is an instant hit with the criminal because they have their guns and know that the home owner unless a criminal themselves are not armed to protect themselves. Not the country people think it is. Wake up folks please. They are trying to put everyone in a bubble then kill us off. Read the Georgia stones

  7. Ben Shapiro is talking BS, a tax increase of 3% with small business exemptions would cover California… So subtract what you currently pay, and then add a 3% tax, seems like a win win (the only loss is insurance company shareholders, but screw them anyways, make them compete with a public option)

  8. 1:35 assert a falsehood without supporting evidence.  Cannot have universality, quality and affordability?  Why not?  I think it might be true if you substitute "infinite quantity" for "quality" but these are not the same thing.

  9. 2:20 dismisses all sick people as being takers.  Insurance is not a charity.  That's the very point of universal health care — sick poor people deserve to live just as much as rich sick people.

  10. Great comments on this page. The worst part of not having insurance as a basic part of what our taxes pay for is that people have to take jobs they don't love for their health care and that seriously affects society b/c if there is something you love doing, you'll do it way better and if there's something you are doing just b/c you get healthcare and nothing more, you'll do a shitty job. IT has such far reaching effects. It's completely inhumane.

  11. Also what about dental care? People never include this but teeth are ultra expensive and yet also important for health and self-esteem and not becoming disgustingly ugly. These are all important things for the health of a population and morale and not feeling stressed out. Dentists are so greedy they have managed to stay under the radar in the insurance debate yet one bad tooth can cost up to 7000 dollars! my friend is in her thirties and her root canal (which was already a couple of thousand) is giving her problems and the cost to fix is around 5k , some estimates are more than that. Think if all your molars needed root canals, add that up! Dentists are so disgustingly greedy they don't even tell you how to save your teeth. They love when you have problems with your teeth even though there are brushing techniques that can truly save your enamel and prevent cavities that most of the population doesn't know about. Of course not! I have had cavities in every molar and not one dentist has ever asked about my brushing! I went and did tons of research about teeth as a result. One in four americans over the age of 50 have no teeth!!. Not a few teeth or half teeth. None. Bernie Sanders wrote a report on it.

    Also non group insurance for dental sucks! I pay every month as a back up emergency plan and here's what I get. My own dentist doesn't take the plan. It only covers like 1000 dollars a year and 2 cleanings. I have already put into it over the months what it covers. b/c I have had it for a few years. I should have just took that money and put it in a mutual fund.

  12. I wonder if Ben Shapiro thinks if it is affordable that USA pays for Israel's universal health insurance? USA taxpayers have enough money for Israeli healthcare but not for the American people.

  13. Thanks BS man!

    First: I'd remind you that Malcolm Turnbull is a Goldman Sachs guy and is trying to wreck Australian medicare as fast as he can.

    Second: I'd like to remind everyone that "insurance" is a risk-spreading strategy that benefits those in the risk-pool. If you have a "nation", anything that is a risk to that nation should be served by a national risk-spreading pool. Anything less becomes a tool of class-war (or any other kind of internecine battleground). Granting national risk to partisan interests is a sure-fire way to weaken your "nation" (assuming you want a nation).

    Third: please look at the MMT people about truth about national funding. The "taxpayer's dollar" is a myth at the federal level – the fed deficit reflects the size of your nation – it is not a liability of "citizens" (subservient states DO have a "taxpayer-dollar" while ever they use the fed currency – this is a critical distinction that ALL must understand). Please get up to speed with that fact?

    Fourth: Rationing is essential to keep the spin-doctors off our wallets. Sure, the sky is the limit with medical "longevity-tricks" .. and who would not pay for that? But it's a crock. If it is too expensive for the production base of a nation to keep all the citizens around and decrepit till they are 200 years old .. it's a crock. We die – if we didn't die, the universe would be stuck in a loop without life. Accept your own mortality.

    Fifth: Then you see some group of people pooling their risk in some private scheme – they are making themselves strong. What is wrong with that? Then ask yourself? Why do they seek to be stronger than me? There are no good outcomes here. They are hedging for war.

    Six: I have been in private hospitals and public ones as both a patient and a worker. Sure the private ones can be very good – depending on your wallet – or they can be a disaster. Give or take the amazing arrogance of doctors, you might get well treated in any of them .. except over Christmass when all the doctors are in Switzerland "swishing down the piste" and your broken knee has to wait till February.

    seven: Regard "Dunbar's number" The young ideologue against Cenk has obviously inherited the "Ayn Rand" gene .. Cenk has the "Lennon gene" .. damn. The truth is in Dunbar's number – humans operate extremely well in communities of 30-150 .. anything beyond that does not work well.
    I truly hope that humans get this into their "thick skins" .. in the meantime, corporations are the only community we have – and this is where we make progress.

    "Nations" looked like a good idea for 10 thousand years – but it failed.
    Corporations are far stronger than nations – but they have failed.


  14. If it wasn't for capitalism, we wouldn't have 'good sneakers' but we won't have 'good' health care with capitalism?  lol  When we had for profit healthcare, we had the best quality of healthcare in the World and the poor could be put on the Gov't employee and officials' healthcare plans and that would solve the problem of the poor not having quality healthcare. Thus getting rid of Medicaid and the VA healthcare plans provided by the Gov't which is SHIT.

  15. Medicare in Australia is not perfect, but its not bad either. It has pluses and minuses. I don't mind it, plus I have Private health insurance on top, so I don't have to wait to get into hospital if needed.

  16. I live in Australia and it has been proven that two systems of public and private community services doesn't work. We originally should have single payer or in this case we call bulk billing but neoliberalism snuck in and now private only means you jump the queue if say you are waiting for a knee operation. The same doctors perform in both private and public as they go to the same Universities their quality of doctoring is dictated by the quality of the person. So you can have a good or bad doctor in both public and private. Just recently the NSW state government of the most populous state in Australia and it's conservative neoliberalists backed off privatising five state hospitals. They want to be re elected and they know neoliberal ideology is not trusted to deliver community services after 30 years of "user pays". Its going to take 30 years more to unravel the mess of privatisation as our institutes fail, including education, banking energy transport etc.and especially health. thank god for the u.s now as we can see their system of neoliberalism failing but fuck them for introducing it in the first place. NO BULLSHIT.