The Aussie Stasi Arrest a Pregnant Woman for Encouraging Protests

She didn’t have a molotov and a BLM shirt:


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  1. I traveled back in time to January to adjust my investment strategy: 1. buy: medical supply companies, especially masks, and tests. 2. buy: plywood boarding companies 3. sell: small businesses, especially hair salons and gyms. 4. buy:: gold and silver of course. 5. buy: mace and personal protection equipment, especially helmets, goggles, and armor. 6. buy: guns, guns and more guns; big guns, little guns — don't forget the ammo!. 7. buy: full outfits of blue clothes/hats, and red clothes/hats (be ready for any election outcome). 7. buy: grave stone and burial plot.

  2. This happens when the population gives up their guns . The justice system goes from servant to keeper , overnight . I worked for an Aussie company and know many Aussies . We always made good natured fun of each other and our cultures . We could do this because we knew both have great countries and people . Those same people are now envious of us for one thing . our guns . They feel absolutely helpless . In many ways , they are

  3. Victoria is a state, Melbourne is the capital, it is a very pro labor state. No matter how corrupt they keep voting left and what is happening now was always on the cards. We left there 3 years ago, no hurry to go back.

  4. Melbourne is a stand alone state with covid, we are still running 100 cases a day, the rest of the country has much smaller numbers or none at all . The Melbourne cops are deliberately making the Premier Daniel Andrews unpopular by following his leftist policies and directions to the letter.
    The protest the poor pregnant girl publicised attracted 300 people. No one is happy in Melbourne but no one wants to catch it either. It is not ALL of Australia.

  5. I live in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria. I'm not going to say too much in case the cops try and arrest me, but suffice to say we have a radical leftist state premier that's using all the fear as a power grab attempt.

  6. Oh beleive you me. "Sicktoria" has become FAMOUS for the wrong reason. The whole of Australia has seen this and is pissed off. This is most certainly NOT how Ozzies live with the Police. We are a very law abiding society, but "this sh!t don't fly". Everyone knows that the state of Victoria is runby a leftest state government that has got onboard with ChYna. So this is the result of getting bed with them.

  7. Australia = Country – divided into States and Territories. It is governed by a Federal Parliment and headed up by a Prime Minister.
    States = New South Wales, Victoria, Queesnsland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania – Headed up by Premiers
    Territories (3 x Internal & 7 x External) = (Internal) Australian Capital Territory (Canberra), the Northern Territory, have some autonomy in self governance but fall under Federal umbrella. Jarvis Bay Territory falls under Federal governance only.
    Like America, the Australian Prime Minister cannot intervene directly in matters concerning the States but has to be invited.
    In Victoria (capital – Melbourne) Daniel Anderson (Labor Party, similar to Dems) runs this Stasi State. They have the most stringent lockdown and quarrantine measures including curfews, in Australia. They also have the WORST infection rates in Australia (wonder why?) with the exception that BLM rallies staged in Melbourne don't transmit Covid but Freedom rallies do.
    Australia is simply mirroring the global insanity for those in power, who seek to control every aspect of our lives and failing that they will burn our civilization to the ground.

  8. As a Victorian, you commentary is mostly correct…but we're not upside down ? We are in the future from the US though ? Time wise, that is.
    Our Premier (Dan Andrews) is a mini dictator – Kim Jong Dan – and we will be voting him out in 2022.
    Ps. He already turned a blind eye to BLM protests here, before our 'second wave' hit. We are hoping another similar SJW protest comes soon to test his level of hypocrisy.

  9. Hey Styx, just a friendly reminder here that you are uneducated, misinformed and not equipped with the understanding necessary to pass comment on such issues. Everything you say is wrong. You're an idiot, I hope you recognise that one day.

  10. Melbourne is in Victoria a seperate state with its own parliment who is completely controled by chinas belt and road initiative. the people of Melbourne are freedom loving people who are the most likely in oz to kick of thats why their being hit hard also their being made example of by the chinese hand for the Canbera government telling china to fuck off this is the work of the CCP. END OF STORY

  11. I always thought Australia, the UK, and Canada were free countries with free speech. It makes it all the more ironic and pathetic that many people in the USA don't take our 1st amendment seriously.