The Australia Anti-Lockdown Riots Are NUTS (BOYSCAST CLIPS)

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  1. They are protests. They turn violent when the police attack and we are forced to defend ourselves. Sometimes they kettle protestors in small alleyways and we are forced to break through police lines to escape. We are not rioters.

  2. Taxation is theft. Our government lies to us & corporate media covers up for them.   Thanks for the video. Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.

  3. Don’t call them Australia everyone that has a sense of humor refer to them as Austria I don’t have social media but I know there’s some sheep out there that do so go do our bidding😁

  4. The rights that are being violated by their government is insane
    Cops there right now have no over sight on behavior, they have access to everyone's internet history, data, and social media access without a warrant. It is absolutely nuts what has happened and they were given warrantless search priority.
    At this point, the cops need to get beat up