The Australian Lockdown Party

Now the ‘Dictator Bill’ has passed Victoria’s Upper House, it will soon become law.

Here’s what will happen: initially, nothing.

Daniel and friends (the few remaining) will crow about him easing more restrictions, not abusing his shiny new powers, all opposition to the bill was ‘crazy and conspiratorial’….

Then ‘with the greatest of respect’ and ‘out of an abundance of caution’, the Australian Lockdown Party (ALP) will regrettably implement new crushing measures to ‘keep all Victorians safe’.

Merry Christmas.

This is not a difficult prediction. It is simply the only tools they know how to wield, and they’ve just fashioned some shiny new hammers so come next year expect to see just how shiny they are.

This is a segment from a full interview available at:

Dr Brendan Moloney is an expert in the formation and life cycle of cults, and explained the similarities in a wide ranging interview on parallel economies, parallel societies and parallel academic institutions.


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  1. Thank you for the discussion. I disagree with the oldies😂sticking to Labour because thats the Party they have always voted for. I’m in My 60’s and believe me I will NEVER vote Labour again and nor will my friends…. for the first time in our lives we have attended rallies. We fear for the future of our children and grandchildren… Love your show. Blessings

  2. Now they are all moving to Sunny Qld to turn it into the same hell hole they escaped from. Do not ruin our state with your stupidity and cognitive dissidence.

  3. Labor and liberal/nats are the different side of same coin. A coin in the pocket of the colonial merchant aristocracy.

    Labor takes peoples money and gives it to the government.

    Lib/nats take people's money and gives it to colonial corporations.

    Labor empowers unions which only exist because of corporations. So Labor legislatively and economically empowers the government to enrichen corporations.

    Lib/nats empower small businesses to build new markets and infrastructure. The government then regulates the small businesses, which drives them broke. At which point, the profitable business are then bought cheap, by corporations. The infrastructure is bought cheap by the government, and then sold/leased to corporations.

    And around and around the coin goes.

    Finally, Independent parties are like the pocket fluff in the pocket.

  4. OMG that's creepy! I literally had this conversation with my Whitlam/Fabian fanboy boomer Dad (God love him) yesterday!
    I asked, verbatim: "What do you think of this new idenditarian left that had taken over the union/worker left?" Poor Dad, he's in a bit of denial about the whole thing. Growing up, my home was a left home also, but the old left. I am now however, as one would say, politically homeless…

  5. Yep thats exactly how it plays out. The left are just as manipulative as the the other side and just as abhorant. Its the same as the vax, you simply cant argue if was needed when the modelling didnt eventuate and they will tell you "Thats because of the vax" and gas light you.

    Dan Andrews is a master gas lighter.

    Also why are we suprised a hardcore former "uni socialist" and CCP lover, is acting the way he is AND victoria the only state that is engaging in a hardcore psy op. I wonder why..

  6. Damages there is no more
    Police separation of powers. Australia has purchased vaccine for use every 6 months ongoing for 4 years. Unjabbed Sparm has gone up in price 400% You cant donate blood if you are jabbed. Any and all insurance is cancelled if you are jabbed and the Double speak coming out of Victoria the state of perversion

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