The Australian Politician That Hates Australia!

Isaac Butterfield is a Comedian from the great land of Australia.
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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. What about the Aboriginal Aussies who have since fought for the very same flag this disrespectful maggot wants to "get rid of"? Ànd IF any changes are to be made the ONLY PART that should be changed from my point of view is the Union Jack which represents something that doesn't represent us as Aussies. Too many Australians have died fighting for this very same flag to be tossed aside like yesterday's rubbish!

  2. This shis still makes me angry!!! Im a white austrailian with dutch/irish background and i have aboriginal friends! We all agree that this whole argument is stupid and jyst a way to divide and conquer! Can we not just all be mates, have a laugh and show love to one another? Its not hard ❤

    Most importantly lets all lift a drink 😁

  3. I kind of feel that we have a lot of "public servants" voted into office who don't like the people or country they supposedly represent. They should be sent away…disowned. Banned from these countries. Considered enemies of the people. They can find somewhere else to live. Perhaps some communist country will take them….after all….they align themselves with these nations anyway. How does China feel about traitors?

  4. That Green Party leader should give up all his Ill gotten possessions to a native. They want us to do that but not them. It’s about power and they are grifters. I hate white liberals or people who claim white people are bad. Come live in my old hood. I bet those white liberals would see there are bad people everywhere. They would move in. Build a Starbucks. Then buy up all the apartments and double the rent and move more white people in. But then claim non liberals are racist. It’s crazy.

  5. I think all white people should go back to the Nordic and Great Britain lands and then kick out all non white people. Imagine how powerful that country would be. I would not want to live in a country with only sun people. I grew up in sun land. It’s fucking insane.

  6. To be a nationalist you'd have to love and support Australia's interests to the point of it being to the detriment or exclusion of the interests of other nations, though as for that bit on Australia's past if anyone needs to be held accountable for the fucked up shit that was done back then its the British and Australian governments themselves over anyone. You are still very patriotic though which is fine as far as I'm concerned, better to love your country than hate it.

    Hold them accountable for their crimes and focus on making the country better for the future instead, the past can never be changed after all and trying to compensate the dead is impossible.

  7. the video complaining about the person complaining about something stupid… Is just as fucking stupid. You're just highlighting bullshit wokeness that no-one actually cares about- maybe you should talk about the mining industry that owns the rest of the politicians, forcing us to take these crappier options.

  8. to change the flag is not a stupid idea, you have cute animals or you self,and for national anthem , any ac dc song will do , or chane them every month what do we from sweden have

  9. F me im related to the Buttsman ,me being a celt ,lend us a fiver you lanky bastard 😜.plus after the queen has passed ,the uk is sending Prince Andrew over to run the place lmao as the heat wont affect him , as he does,nt sweat 😂😂🤣🤣😁😁

  10. All governments biggest fear, are people uniting under a common cause. Keep everyone divided, keep control, lose that division, lose control. This isn't rocket science.

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