The Backlash Has Begun

The Killer Clowns of Leftism

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  1. This is a complete loss.

    Instead of arguing our stance these protesters bullied untill the state ised power.

    These muppets just reduced everything to the lefts favorite level.

    How is this different than all the times students rioted untill right wing speekers got removed?

    Fuck this. Stand up to the mental midgets who think they can help us with the lefts tactics

  2. Watching the gree large male dance around and have children come touch him.. I can't believe this isn't more obvious to people. "they're putting it on curriculum for 3 year olds" There's never been a more obvious play for grooming children into sexuality. But the parents who don't want that are abusive? No, they're parents. Any parent worth their salt would tear down brick walls to protect their children.

  3. I don't believe he's doing this as a counter to wokeness. But he also plainly knows it's disruptive, distracting, and an obviously successful bid for attention. I think it's more likely that he wants to see just how far he can take this. If he's a long time South Park fan, maybe he's adopted the Garrison strategy, but I doubt it.

  4. These devils are trying to normalize perversion among our children, parents who encourage this sickness should be dealt with by social services and their children moved to a safe environment

  5. This and what hospitals are doing to children for profit is insane. At least there's finally people pushing back. The problem is the left is good at making people afraid through violence and intimidation. And having Big Tech/corp run media protect them. But as more normal people start to see what's going on, Big Tech/corp run media can't keep it hidden forever.

  6. I tried to live and let live with the woke bullshit.
    But no more. Now it’s NO. Zero tolerance for ANY of it.
    Boycott woke corporate bs.
    Done with buying from the sponsors.

  7. The sad thing is we had reached a balanced and appropriate level of tolerance within society a few years back and the more the progressives push and try to take power the more it will set back tolerance towards the people they claim to “represent”.

  8. 2.5 stars out of 5.

    The little ferret man was funny. All cute in his little suit lookin like Mr. Toad's Groom of the Stool. Very epic. Pretty cringe when talking tho.

    A problem shared by the lovechild of Lurch Addams and Herman Munster AKA Lunchster. Luckily I stopped trying to decipher his primitive speech when I realised that he throws his head around like a horse in the k-hole. Spent the rest of the video imagining riding him through dappled meadows.

    Still – no Carl of Swindon, 2.5/5

  9. I'm actually okay with the joke.
    If it was a performance for an adult crowed only and in context of telling other jokes.
    You wanna get offended from it, go ahead. But I don't think telling the joke in itself is bad.

  10. There will be many in the trans community who will be fighting the lunacy of what is happening with that shop teacher… does their cause of being accepted no good whatsoever. That guy is making a total mockery of them.

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