“The Bad Outweighs the Good” Melbourne, Oct 9. 2021.

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Addendum (Oct 11th). A police officer at this protest told a protestor to just contest the fine and it won’t need to be paid.

October 9th. Melbourne, Australia.

Protestors hold up signs on a Glen Waverly intersection, one of two Melbourne locations.
A helicopter flies above as drivers toot to support protestors. Peaceful demonstrators are arrested and fined after the protestors had decided to move on.
Despite a rather small turnout, perhaps notice how many cars are on the road…during lockdown. Is the general public no longer paying attention to work restrictions?

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Across Australia, particular the city of Melbourne in the state of Victoria. Most people in Melbourne are sheep. They have been sitting at home locked in curfew after 9pm like children, and do nothing but accept it. The reality is in Melbourne city the government has won, Daniel Andrews who rules Melbourne city in Victoria. Dictates and the people follow like sheep. There are only a few that fight back and actually care about democratic rule. Melbourne city now is a lost cause. Melbourne is a servitude city and most people won't defend their rights and are happy to give them away. Even though protests happen, they will do nothing and change nothing, unless the majority of people-sheep in Melbourne stop being submissive and weak minded.
    Let the weakness of Melbourne and Australians in general, be a lesson to the rest of the world.
    As governments around the world see how easy the city of Melbourne has fallen in line to Droconian rules, as well as the rest of Australia. And citizens are Unwilling to come together as a people and defend themselves, sadly they have chosen to give away their democratic rights of freedom and choice.
    If people do the same as Australia, especially the city of Melbourne. The world will simply follow down the same path, and become another weak minded people like Melbourne, Victoria.
    It's such a shame Australia, and in particular Melbourne has become a weak servitude nation.

  2. How does the "bad outweigh the good"?
    If one objectively assesses countries like the US, where strict lockdowns were not implemented, and masks are not mandated in most states, they have over 713, 000 deaths, and tens of thousands more new infections each day, hospitals overflowing and having to reject patients, and a very high rate of infection amongst kids with many hospitalised, its not hard to see that lockdowns, mask protocols and vaccine mandates work.

    I well understand the detrimental effects of prolonged lockdowns, but would you rather have to possibly deal with anxiety, depression, etc.. or organise a funeral for one or more of your loved ones? Sadly, yes, I know some people have committed suicide during the pandemic, but there have been far fewer deaths from suicide than there ever would have been if strict lockdown protocols were not mandated, as evidenced by the statistics from around the globe.

    I'm lucky in the regard that I have the tools to be able to deal with mental illness, but there is nothing I can do if one of my family or close friends gets really sick and or dies from Covid, which has already happened, a close friend that is, not a family member.

    Take a long hard look at the Covid statistics from the US, where masks, social distancing and vaccine mandates were not widely implemented, and then try to explain to me exactly how the US is better off than we are….?

  3. The second lady to speak has a point that keeps getting ignored, the sense of "no future" or "dreams dashed" affects youth SO MUCH more than adults because there is no other 'measure' for them that you get with experience of time. As much as it may be a meme – the kids are the ones going to suffer the most out of all of this….

  4. To finally hear people putting our kids first is so good
    There would be so many young people that would of seen you all and heard your words
    Lots of hugs and kisses

  5. I think the people born in Australia are brainwashed to believe there is a democracy. The system clearly is a monarchy in self governing colony with duopoly that serves the unelected head of Australia. Simple. Cant they see it???

  6. 2nd CHRONICLES 7:14: If MY people who are called by MY name will humble themselves, and pray and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal/RESTORE their land…

  7. "Not anti-vax" so why don't they just get it so the majority sensible human beings can get on with their lives.
    Stop acting the victim and just get the damn thing.

  8. Lol how can you have any respect for the police, when they're just following orders weather they're moral or not. It's all about the pay check, doesn't matter who they roll.. they're just following orders in order to get paid… for the New World Order

  9. How do they justify an arrest without a law having been broken? Questionable motivation of vicpol and its members who are 'just doing their job'. I am disappointed that we appoint them to be our protection when they are obviously not supported by the public at all on a regular basis it seems,
    'prima facia'(in the face of it) is their term.

  10. If teens are trying to take their lives that's on their parents. If you're not willing to put the effort into raising children to be mentally healthy enough to live then DON'T HAVE ANY KIDS!!!

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