The Balenciaga Rabbit Hole: It’s Way Worse Than You Think

Balenciaga is being cancelled, and for good reason. Let’s explore the sick, twisted rabbit hole exposing the brand to be supportive of the worst things imaginable.

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Written by Blaire White


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  1. You're the best! It's funny how Kim K was going to speak up about this but backed down because she doesn't want to be blacklisted. It's celebrities like her that would stay shut just to keep their fame and money afloat.

  2. Had to pause the video and get out of the room when you showed that TheView segment. These people are straight up defending p*dophilia in our name and thinking that THEY are the good guys.

    Imagine using the phrase "s*xualising kids" in a positive way. Jesus fuck

  3. So many liberals blindy support this message with their actions. Like satan worship and bdsm has become an aesthetic , its super weird. And then we're shocked when popular brands blatantly showcase exploitation using kids cause the lines are so blurred between right and wrong.

  4. There is nothing left- or right wing about this. As a left wing person I must say I am totally disgusted with everything I saw in this video to the point I had to turn my head away from the screen. Good job on this video, Blaire. It was very thoroughly done. I hope these people are done. And if they're not done, there's something seriously wrong with the customers of Balenciaga.

  5. Jones was like I cant show you guys the images and later Owen showed them I was like oh shit shoulda listened to Jones cuz the pic on the right was sickening… wtf would even draw that. right to jail.

  6. Is it just me.. or is it cruelly weird how the mainstream media and news outlets don’t really cover this topic at all. It pains me that we live in a society, where this kind of behaviour isn’t frowned upon.

  7. LISTEN! Baal is not another word for the devil! He is the highest demon in hell and stands for literally CHILD SACRIFICES! Sad you didnt mention it that explicit, cause it adds to the rest!

  8. Liberal here, this is clear as day to me. This is beyond DISTURBING. And the celebrities connected with the brand not speaking about it is really leaving a lot to think about too. Salma Hayek huh… I had no idea…wow…

  9. I know abortion is very wrong in my eyes but all of a sudden they are trying to stop it centuries …I wonder who is behind the stopping abortions..if they are so much about CP then it a possibility they want others to have the bandies so they can take the kids the parents give up and use the babies and kids for their gain.. who is behind this can you research this. It might Nobel a sick connection to this

  10. Thank you Blaire, I agree with everything in this video. I only want to mention that the Google translator thing is a false coincidence. In Latin language "Baal is the king" would be "Baal est rex". Balenciaga is actually the lastname of the Spanish founder, who was of Basque decent. He died in the 70s and his family sold the company to a German company. This company resold Balenciaga to a French company called Jacques Bogart. The French company Kering bought Balenciaga in 2001.

  11. I would consider myself a progressive liberal, being anti-pedo and anti-cp is as obvious of a thing to me as breathing and I am perpetually shocked that isn't perceived as the norm. But again, I notice this trend where the left and the right will go against each other on every possible issue ever, just for the sake of being in opposition, no matter how stupid it is – we already saw that happen with the covid pandemic. Two growing extremes, fighting just to "own" the other side, and any common decency and logic left the chat.

  12. In trying to promote acceptance of gay people/transgender we are bringing sex to younger and younger kids. By doing that we are allowing Peds and groomers to slip in under the radar.

  13. This is also Satanic in the sense that it’s in your face as far as the documents/book in the background. They believe that if they make you aware some way of what they are doing and nothing is said they have committed no sin because you willingly participated

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