The Ballad of Jones & JK Rowling: Accelerationism Personified

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  1. Richard Maddcow gets favourable judge to rule it's "show consists of exaggeration, hyperbole, and pure opinion, and therefore would not assume that such outlandish accusations are factually true even when she uses the language of certainty and truth when presenting them"
    Jones is guilty of not being on the left.

  2. This is a complete distortion and mockery of the foundational principle of justice – personal responsibility.

    If I get drunk and get behind a wheel, it doesn’t matter that my friends encouraged me to drink more than I should have, or that they didn’t take my keys away from me, my actions are my responsibility alone.

    Alex Jones is not responsible for the actions of other people, they are and they alone.

    Without this principle the concept of justice has no foundation. If Alex Jones is to be held responsible, so are the politicians responsible for the deaths and destruction caused by BLM riots by supporting their narrative, so are the fat acceptance people for every death caused by obesity, the list is endless.

  3. Rowling has been just the same when it came to the mass illegal immigration issue.
    Her issue with the trans debate is not some kind of foundational moral integrity about not bowing down to authoritarian overreach, it is her being the sort of feminist who inherently feels a kind of female superiority that resents the encroachment of a biological male into that space.
    I mean, look at which side of the whole trans debate she really came down on. Was it primarily about the issue of enforcing the use of specific pronouns people have the right to demand being addressed by? Was it the issue of medical transitioning for children? What I saw was primarily an opposition to trans women in women's spaces or the whole "people who menstruate" and "people with an uterus" thing.

    That i also why I feel no real solidarity with Rowling on this issue, as, let me be frank, that is the part of this whole thing I care least about. In a society that routinely does not respect or protect any sort of "men's spaces", why should I care particularly about a group of people entering women's spaces, of whom many relatively convincingly manage to look the part and likely the majority still are sexually attracted to men and thus not more likely to sexually assault a woman than any of the straight women in said space?

    Rowling is no kind of champion for the cause. She may have written extensively about how the media and the government collude to defame and ostracize wrong thinkers, but she only sees that as being a bad thing when it happens to her and her side. She does not have any principles. She is an author of mostly children's books who alas in her personal life and her own deeds shows a degree of moral maturity and intellectual honesty that about matches what you tend to see commonly in her very own target audience.

  4. The social contract is not a contract is absurd and it's the problem with modern states, it's nothing civilized but legitimizes mass violence and all the disaster the state elites make. It's part of the decline of civilization, which is Christian anyway. And the "anarchy" of UK is absurd, Anarchy is the opposite of authoritarian rule, this idea that anarchy is like antifa which is funded by the state, it's not of much knowledge, you can be against anarchy but making a fallacy and caricature out of what anarchy is not really nice. What anarchy would look like is Liechtenstein, basically, most peaceful and richest country in the world, also most conservative. The division of powers in a republic is another myth. This is the reason why monarchies are the best countries in the world in economics and social aspects.

  5. Its gotten to the point where I DON'T trust anyone anymore. I DON'T trust the Media, nor the Govt & all its agencies, NOT Social Media and NOT even the health-care industry, as I've been LIED to so many times now. I'm currently facing severe health problems that my doctors either knew about or should have known about and did NOTHING. I was only made aware of the problem because my health seemed to be failing and my doctors weren't doing anything so I went to a different doctor for a second opinion. He recognized the problem in like 15-seconds. I went back to my doctors with this revelation and all of a sudden they wanted to do something, one even admitting they knew about it but told me it was nothing to worry about. I ended up wasting so much time (several months) that my condition went severe and now may cost me my life.

    I am so PISSED! And these same doctors keep urging me to get the coof shot and other procedures that have NOTHING to do with my problem. WTF?! ITs all about money to them. Sessions that should only take 1-visit they want to spread out to 3 or more sessions. One session just to meet them…another session to do a procedure I DON'T need & doesn't help me…and then another session to prescribe medications & discuss what my options are. WTF?! Its all about money and my Insurance is making it difficult to switch doctors.

    I am so PISSED. And understand that this problem is very likely to cost me my life. And it could have been avoided if my doctors actually did their job. It took a older family doctor that I knew about 15-seconds to diagnose the problem. My paid doctors did NOTHING for many months yet had ALL the information to make an accurate diagnosis, as it was their own info that the alternative doctor used to make his correct diagnosis (literally in 15-secs). I'm now at the point where I have to take dangerous meds that may kill me or not take them and my condition will kill me. And it could have been avoided with proper & timely diagnosis. My doctors that I had been seeing for many years FAILED me. They ran the tests and ignored the results. My health kept getting worse & worse and they refused to admit anything wrong. It was only after trying a different doctor that I finally got the truth, but by then it was too late.

  6. Are millions of people really waking up though? Everywhere I look, people always say "Yes we should have freedom of speech BUT…"

    And then they proceed to explain how sometimes freedom of speech has to take a backseat in order to preserve public order, decency or whatever copout they choose.

    Everyone is so happy to deprive people of freedom of speech when they're people they don't like. It's hard to find truly principled individuals in this issue.

  7. It seems that the old quote of "those who give up freedom for security deserve neither" has mutated to "Those who desire freedom give up security of livelihood or a comfortable life."

  8. The machine really got what it wanted if you even say you support Alex and his right to speak regardless if you agree with what he says, they will call you insane

  9. Implying the medical institution is… well okay I guess not everyone has the same history as me. Back in like 2000 as a teen girl I was put on Paxil.

    I have never forgotten or forgave that.

  10. Why should we pay for you traveling? Everybody's counting penny's and he wants to travel Europe,.. What was that about migrants again? You're not welcome just stay in Japan or Thailand like the s.e.x pad you are

  11. So many think that these moral atrocities can be fixed with ballots. They can't. Our society's sickness is too far gone. Only kbullets can repair what's broken now.
    (The Silent K Club)

  12. re: "anarcho-tyranny" in UK, which I considered a very interesting analysis;

    If it truly was anarcho-tyranny (and sorry to burst everyone's bubbles but "true" anarchy does inexorably degenerate into tyranny once the warlords start fighting for power and territory, "nature abhors a vacuum", yada yada), then at least the common people would have access to private police forces, to come and smack the bobbies upside the head when they arrive to arrest them for mean tweets. What the UK has is a state on its deathbed, hasn't gone full "Anarchy in the UK" quite yet.

    One aspect that could be seen as anarchistic is how laws against serious crimes just don't get enforced anymore. Live in London? Feel free to jack a car, it's basically de facto legal at this point.

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