The Battle of Mount Rushmore

The story of the United States has diverged into two different narratives: the #HeroicNarrative and the #VillainousNarrative. These narratives are important because they are what inspire people to action. Trump is an avid proponent of the Heroic Narrative, where the radical left is convinced of the Villainous Narrative. Only one can prevail.

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  1. NYT offices were built on land that used to be someone else's and their executives are supporters of a certain shitty little country that employs systematic occupation, apartheid, police brutality TODAY and every day

  2. It's time to admit there is no way to depict POC's in public art, especially classical monuments, that won't be denounced as racist. White anti-racists are incapable of viewing celebrations of black figures as anything but trophyism, their own unfamiliarity with African Americans carved in stone, painted in oil, their reaction to it, reveals their own prejudice. They can only see the African form as caractature, as grotesque. Any statue featuring a slave is racist not historically, but by simply casting the African form. No matter how handsome, proud, strong, it is grotesque by its alienness even to African Americans suffering inferiority complexes

  3. Don't give the media any credibility. The Orwellian double speak has reached psychedelic levels of unreality. What could be more divisive than the corporate/media/Democrat Party/Marxist campaign of intimidation, bullying, sectarianism, racism, black propaganda, vandalism, etc we've witnessed recently, that's been exported and weaponised against all white populations on the planet regardless of local context. A campaign under the BLM brand that celebrates its open divisiveness

  4. To be fair sometimes you do have to destroy to build something better.

    You dont tear down a whole city before you rebuild but you do level a few buildings to make better ones.

  5. I cannot understand what is going on in the USA.

    If Mount Rushmore's statues are condemned because a sculptor who worked on them held opinions we deplore, logically we all need to check what political and racial views the builders built the homes we live in had, and if we don't like those views we should tear our homes down.

  6. There hasn't been freedom of speech in the states since ww2, blacklisting was first used against lefties following the red scare, its quite amusing seeing how history repeats itself in reverse

  7. When it's horrible and disgusting to have a slaveholder president face on a mountain or a statue, how is it not horrible and disgusting to vote for a party that defended slavery when it was tried to abolish it? I'm not saying it is – neither are in my opinion – but when I try to view it according to their logic, it really doesn't make sense to me.

  8. When as a country defending yourself is morally acceptable, but attacking is not, any attack will be masked as a defense. It's done by lying about your opponent, false flag attacks and so on.

  9. Theoretical question: if you tear down a statue of Josef Stalin, do you wipe out history, or do you show that you do not embrace what that statue sybolizes?

  10. They accuse him of changing the subject while it is his speech they keep trying to change the subject on.

  11. Excellent speech from Donald Trump, he took direct aim at the wokeivists. He will win the 2020 presidential elections! Then we'll see more violent riots from the wokeivists.

  12. Soooo, the Left claims that wiping out our values and history is bad…while also outright stating that American values and history are evil and need to be destroyed. We need an Origin Bullet for this one.

  13. 03:27 Yeah, see, the Left mistakes "freeing slaves" with "blacks are equal". The north was so racist that almost all the blacks that went there after the Civil War had to return south because they literally could not survive in the north as they were rejected so strongly. The people who owned them were less racist than the ones who freed them. Also, Lincoln didn't free the slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation only applied to "States in rebellion". Which is why only conquered territories were included (resistance against occupying forces = rebellion). And why the Union had one or more slave States before, during, and after the war. Also the reason the Confederate States after the war were required to pass anti-slavery laws as the proclamation didn't actually have any effect and would not apply when they rejoined (at gunpoint) the Union.

  14. I am a Metis(Cree), and it does not take a lot of light bulbs to know that if you are taken over; You are the looser! It is not stolen land! They won, and now you are American. I am glad some of the people lived, and I am here today, but I would never get upset or make demands to a nation that has moved leagues progressively in the world. I know better, and I would not want to be in the Middle-East or have had Japan or Russia be the colonist. Mount Rushmore is NOT racist (FULL STOP)! It is a monument showing the social progression of freedoms and liberties.

  15. I’m American, and I’d really love these haters to GTFO, but they never do. They know how good they have it here. Hypocritical jerks.

  16. Incredible how narrow minded and so easily lead folk are, here for three score and ten, some longer some sooner, yet the time on earth spent hating anytime and everything, it never leaves us.

  17. blm has made me want to fully support trump back into power. The biggest threat usa has faced in a long time, are not just a couple of racist blm / antifa / anti white person groups, but many sub groups of this brainless followings who praise criminals as heros, and mindlessly shoot each other whilst screaming "We are victims, please help us!".
    Many people may not have voted in the next election, but myself (a whitey) and literally every black person I've ever know will be supporting Trump 2020 thanks to anitfa and blm. (Not that Biden was a choice at all anyway). Tired of these duel fascist/communist ultra leftwing criminal organisations telling everyone who to support…
    #walkaway #loveblackpeopleHateBlm #supportAllLivesMatter

  18. The left cannot contend with their own evil–inner demons, if you will–they cannot look at anything that isn't as harmless as a piece of cake. White frosting on a brown cake is white superiority. Their projection would make us all as childish and infantile as they are, and you see its beginnings in the alt right and other anger-laden groups.

  19. the argument the left brings up is invalid, however this one should be removed because its a monument to tricking the native american tribes that was given back their land until they decided to carve the heads of the presidents on it…… get rid of this travesty and do right by the indian tribes.

  20. Wait, the Left are a bunch of Communists but also Fascists? I'm afraid someone didn't read his history text… (also the people you're talking about aren't even the Left)

  21. Who would've thought that when the Simpsons parodied Trump running for president all those years ago, they were prophecising the arrival of America's saviour without even knowing it.