The Beginning of the End of Boris Johnson

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  1. Politics and how it works.. Leaks things like this to drive opinion .. So are things going to be over because the "Public" call for it? I'm sure they'd hate to take the brave step of committing to a decision. It would make them liable for any related death afterward… So it's got to be our fault.

  2. Reminds me when Obama had his birthday party with hundreds of guests during lockdowns. They insisted it was safe and restrictions were being followed… then like over 100 people ended up catching the coof.

  3. A man who supposedly loved Churchill and tried to emulate him and speak like him. Now he's a tyrant puppet. A despicable man who has ruined millions of lives. Filled the podium with communist party members. Introduced measures that is an insult to every dead soldier from all wars.

  4. Yes they are hypocritical scum.
    But let's hold up a second and think about how ridiculous the state of the world is when accusing someone of having a party is a huge deal.
    Time to end the nonsense. Start the party.

  5. The Xmas party which doesnt exist.

    Its been investigated by the police, they found no evidence.

    Its also being investigated by government watchdogs, which found no evidence for it.

    It was literally just two government aides joking about before a meeting.

    Its a completely non-story. just like the sleaze 'scandal' (which somehow left out all the politicians from the other parties which are in bed with vested interests/3rd parties (Labour and the unions, anyone? Perhaps Labour and Momentum? Just two examples.)

  6. we REALLY need to make leadership an absolute PAIN IN THE ASS, so NONE of these selfish people will want it! maybe force them to wear a REALLY uncomfortable suit that actually hurts, and they have to wear it 24/7. maybe hide bits of barbed wire in the joints.

  7. With all this legislation, such as masks, and vaccines, now along with this,There are exemptions within the law, they always have been.

    This has been a test I believe, of college. Knowledge is Power

  8. They made a loophole in the law for everybody, not themselves if you read it. If anybody had known the law and could’ve hold this in front of a policeman you would not have got Into a court

    That is why anybody who’s not paid the fine and gone to court to fight any legislation or fines brought in under coronavirus, I’ve been kicked out

  9. I’m just reading the exemptions for the vaccine, it would blow peoples minds if they knew it existed, but it is their job to know it exists, ignorance of the law at any level is not an excuse and can go against you

  10. The exceptions seem very broad, what doesn't fall under them?

    "no, but yes"

    No it's actually a full denial.
    He says that the guidance was followed to respond to accusations.
    Of course he did live in that appartment, so things did happen there.
    Like him sleeping, eating, whatever.
    His claim is about what DID happen.

    The accusation of a party is an accusation that the rules where broken.
    So specifying that the rules where respected is not an admission of any guilt.

    Regardless, Boris is a traitor trying to implement communism.
    The first person going to gulag should be himself.

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