The Bernie Sanders Revolution Has Ended as Biden Clinches

Sorry berniebabies, the bidenbabies won:

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  1. I appreciate your analysis, on point as always. I hope you can get your own professionally run show if that's what you want and can still be as you are.

  2. Ron Paul is the guy I'm writing in for president, unless it looks like it isn't going to be a trump blowout. If Trump was like him (and Trump promised) on foreign policy, Military, patriot act, Jullian assange, ect, he wouldn't be getting my snub.

  3. Dude, you are being way too simple-minded about this. Picture yourself in the shoes of a DNC leader. What sounds more appealing: letting the election play out and risking a historic trouncing, or waiting until Biden picks your desired candidate as his running mate, then assassinating him and using your media cohorts to accuse your enemy of the nefarious deed, not only getting your ideal nominee past the primary process and positioned front and center, but also giving you the moral authority to do whatever the hell you want to your allegedly murderous opponents?

    If that is indeed their plan (and all signs currently point to it being more likely than not should Trump's momentum continue unabated), it's not going to be safe to be anywhere to the right of Stalin in this country for much longer. If you're not willing to kill to defend yourself and your loved ones from the most irrational, bloodthirsty mob this country's ever seen, then you need to get the hell out while you still can.

  4. often make fun of people being stuck in the you wear a jacket and sport a hair style both from the 80’s

  5. I live in Portland Maine and FUCK JANET MILLS. SHE HAS DRIVEN OUR STATE INTO THE GROUND. She still has us on lockdown but she didnt care about diseases when she let 700 illegals from the Congo, coming from the largest EBOLA outbreak recorded, waltz into Portland and literally gave them all free HOUSES and $52k per year in welfare.

  6. you're an idiot. bernie sanders never had a revolution. he was nothing but a tool of the ruling class to sucker the pretend leftists into thinking he was going to make a move this time and win the white house and in the process keep a third party from forming. they fell for it and now look at what they are stuck with. two brain dead perverts with a combined mental age of two. the u.s. is done for. it's over, and i, for one, am glad it's coming to an end. i'm too old to see the final act but at least i'll get to witness part of it. maybe see the guillotine blade fall a few times.

  7. The only thing the Democrats did was pick one idiot over another. Either way they are going to lose. I think Bernie Sanders has lost his mind if he thought he could run again after kissing the ring in 2016. He reminds me of a guy back home in PA who ran five times for president and couldn't get local people to vote for him.

  8. Sanders has policies that would actually help people. Biden is just another sell-out to Corporate America. … It is too bad that the Democratic Party has become the Centrist party of Bill Clinton – and I have been an Independent ever since his presidency – America needs it once again to be the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

  9. Bernie bro socialists are the plague of the world. I hope Mr. Crowley gives me enough power to cause them to self destruct. As in, a curse.