The Best Meme Describing The 2020 Lockdowns

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. It's so funny that the covid police are actively spreading covid by coming close to people who aren't even within a hundred meters of another person. All this to "prevent" covid spread.

  2. I find it weird that Corona-chan was commonly used when it was contained to Mainland China, but the moment it entered those U.S.A. We no longer saw any Corona-chan depictions and people called it "in bad taste" if anyone dares to share it.

  3. As much as this is funny. I really feel bad for the officers involved in this bait. They were taken off the streets to enforce some stupid law to supposedly a man. All to waste their time finding out. It was a dummy.

    Look. You can hate on the police all you want. Though they are enforcers of the law. Yes, there are bad cops. Much like there are bad doctors. Bad firefighters. Bad fast food employees. So forth and so on. Yet, the real people should be hating are the judges and lawmakers..also DA. Always Hate DAs (District Attorneys). It is them who pass judgment and laws that are restrictive and violate basic human freedoms. Meanwhile, DAs are more than happy to let out real criminals, like Mass Murders, Rapists, and Pedophiles (YouTube will likely Censor this comment anyway. All because I spoke of MRP). Meanwhile, will throw a person who was just arrested for driving without a license behind bars for 50 years (and before people start. Driving is not a right. It is a privilege. Plus the most lethal thing a human being can own is an automobile).

    The corruption is not the Police. They are a symptom. The real corruption is behind closed doors with people who have never seen a crime scene in person or had to deal with true inhumanity. They write laws and enforce them. All with no regard for how they affect people. That is the issue.

  4. I just realize that vee is gonna get rich. If Twitter will not get blocked and will stop the shadowbanning, that place will allow video and people are going to move there.

    You diserve it Vee. Gg!

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