The Biden Admin is Scrambling to Hide its Border Crisis Incompetence



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  1. I agree that Harris is trully mean. Cackled about putting poor single mothers in prison and jailed people for doing much less than Hunter Biden did. But there is so much more.

  2. I like how the MSM excuses itself by tacitly going along with Biden’s not “allowing” journalists to visit. If we had real journalists truly interested in seeing what’s going on, they’d go. They’d do investigative journalism, go undercover and use telephoto lenses to blow this up. But they don’t really have interest in doing so.

  3. I live in Australia so I get a good gauge of how the fake news networks work with US Politics, the herald sun did an article how Trump likes to eat his Steak but a story that highlights democrat incompetence gets zero coverage, the irony will never be lost.

  4. “Biden is scrambling”
    Nooooo Biden is scrambled already.
    His PUPPETEERS are scrambling. Seriously Biden is just a face and does nothing.

  5. Biden's immigration plan works exactly as its intended to if your plan is to traffic human beings, abuse and create a slave class for the elite.

  6. the US government just used at "under the table" bribe of 2.7 million vaccine injections to have them constrain the flow for a while.

  7. Are you ready for the sad truth? You already know this Styx, and I'm sure many of your viewers do as well. But, for anyone who is not paying attention or is oblivious to reality, here's the situation.

    Biden is demented (shocking I know lol). The Biden administration (Biden's handlers, others) are running Biden's administration. They are implementing as many destructive policies as possible to remake America in their image. They are moving at a record pace before the midterms (in case Republicans gain control in 2022). They are acting quickly, and they are unified in their vision. They know illegal immigration = future dem voters. The Biden admin is doing anything and everything in their power between now and 2022 to make damn sure dems stay in power for decades.

    And here's the sad reality. Republicans, conservatives are so "weak", so "sad", the dems have a good chance of getting away with it. That is how pathetic the Republican party is these days. They will just stand by and watch the Biden admin (the far leftist dems running the party now) turn this country into their version of a "socialist utopia". Yeah, we're screwed.

    Ted Cruz trying to take shots with a camera at the border (and still getting blocked by a random leftist Biden admin woman) and whining about how he can't get full access IS NOW CONSIDERED THE STRENGTH of the republican party. God help us.