The Biden Regime Grindset

Joe is installing mandates for people to get the shot and he sounds waaay to Palpatine about it.

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  1. Have you ever heard anyone getting so angry at you not taking vitamin D or exercising? No? Good because all medical options are your choice, your body, your choice, anyone willing to undermine that well, lets not forget what we did to the nazis who weren't lucky enough to be enrolled into nasa or the EU, they got hanged for exactly the same crime this potato is committing

  2. Biden must have missed school the day they taught State's Rights. specifically, the10th Amendment holds that all rights and powers not specifically reserved to Congress by Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution or to be shared concurrently by the federal and state governments are reserved by either the states or by the people. This ground is well traveled with much case law that supports the fact the President cannot override state laws because he does not like them.

    Biden needs to calm down, eat his pudding, and get Constitutional law tutor. Considering he is in charge of the country (at least theoretically) he should know some of this. It's always good to understand the laws one is subject to.

  3. 1. The jab has NOT been approved, only the extension of the emergency use is approved! Don't fall for it.

    2. The jab is not safe. More and more documented cases with severe and/or fatal side effects are emerging.

    3. The jab isn't free of charge, nothing is free! It's taxpayer funded and people are additionally "paying" with health problems or even death!
    #FuckBiden #FuckTheJab

  4. Deny the efficacy of vaccinations and alternate treatments right up until the previous guy loses his office and then push the ever-loving shit out of the vaccinations because the CDC is literally paying people for every person they convince to get their two shots.

    Gee Joey I wonder why there's still a quarter of the population that doesn't want to take a risk with rushed medicines for a virus with a reportedly high survivability rate?

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