The Biden Remorse Is Mounting – A Rant

You were warned what he was.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. I would cut Biden some slack over thinking that minorities don't know how to use the Internet. After all, Biden still thinks that email is delivered on horseback.

  2. RIP Razorfist it was a good run… you know these assholes have their finger over the ban button as i type this. Is this really the hill to die on? We all know the damn election was stolen why risk your channel to point out the obvious. This is my favorite channel on youtube PLEASE dont get yourself banned over something so stupid man, YOU ARE THE BEST CREATOR WE HAVE!

  3. Know this…people who hate Trump will forever be haunted by the fact the man did more for the country than any other President in decades. Even if they never admit it. Get wrecked.