The Big Inflation Joke…

A tale of two CPI’s today, USA and China. The former showing a slight fall from very high levels, the latter reporting the highest since July 2020 as pork prices jump 20%. IN both places, central banks warn they cannot drop their guard on controlling the inflation dragon. Already economists are talking about a down trend in the US, we will see.

In contrast to the US and other major economies, consumer inflation in China has been relatively subdued this year as strict Covid control policies and sporadic outbreaks curbed consumer and business spending. Those virus flare-ups — along with global headwinds and an ongoing real estate crisis — have kept China’s economic recovery fragile, with factory activity unexpectedly contracting last month and property sales continuing to shrink.

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  1. 4:40. Owners equivalent rent is a useless measure of rents. They basically ask owner occupiers how much they would rent their house out for. WTF does asking an owner occupier what their house would rent for have to do with actual rents!

  2. Just looking through some older episodes Martin seems you were very much predicting a deflationary scenario as little as 14 months ago , got that wrong didn't you

  3. Inflation is here to stay and for sometime at high rates and oil increases will move again . Don't expect the FED to pivot as rates will increase further as Inflation remains and asset prices decline . This will have a dramatic effect on the housing market and further increases in cost with deglobalisation.

  4. These smartarses are looking for any opportunity to claim that inflation has been defeated and it's now time to "pivot" to rate cuts. All these scumbags care about is perpetuating their asset bubbles whether that be shares, crypto or real estate, they do not care about the general health of the economy or the quality of life of the median citizen.

  5. Martin, i believe that the west deliberately create negative news about china in a concerted effort. Of late i keep hearing all sorts of dooms day news that china's belt n road loans are failing and this would sink china's economy and that its banks are in trouble. China's trade surplus from many years are well above a trillion dollars as demonstrated by its current holdings of treasuries of just over 1 trillion, this is after china effectively and deliberately started reducing its treasury holdings for the past 3 years. The recent run on banks were confined to some small banks in which the government quickly intervened, taking control and guaranteed deposits. Western news is deliberately biased

  6. Martin. I as an Aussie watch your videos. However they put me to sleep watching your read a script. Do you think you can break out and just tell us what you think is happening and what might happen? At the moment they are like sitting listening to grass grow. Perhaps if you tell us what you actually think is going on at the start and then read your script we can choose to opt out of the drawl. Please sit and watch a few of these videos and ask yourself if you would sit through them.

  7. What I get out of that is the “experts” are just watching a line graph and they see a slight deviation from the incline they seen for past 1!year, and they see that slight deviation as good enough news to start thinking about investing the loose money they stumbled upon.

    Line graphs …knowing which line to pay attention to is the crux of their fundamentals…a joke. Just another bunch of pretenders who want to etch their name in the daily news history for having timed/!predicted something

    24/7 everyone wants an answer, they want hope, they want their understanding not to be smashed.

    When will these “experts” discover the meaning of humility and just practice a bit of refinement…NEVER…because the loose money and ridiculous re-engineering that fractionalises all that loosely created money supports people having a platform of crddibility. America, oz, no, Canada all been excellent at making money for the idiots who are bold and storytellers to acquire.
    When they have those runs on the board (digits in their account) the credibility offered is truly a fantasy world

  8. What sucks about the reporting of inflation numbers is the fact it is a compound number. So even if the inflation rate drops into the target band, prices still stay the same!! Still wage stagnation will leave us behind. As soon as this target is reached it won't be an argument with your employer to get a reasonable wage increase.

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