The Big Tech BANHAMMER Falls – A Rant

I will never learn how to pronounce this woman’s name.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. And here I thought the only difference between them is that Razor is monochrome, Styx in color but hey you never cease to learn.

  2. why is the rightwing so bad? how come whenever the rightwing tries the same tactics as the left they fail? it seems to me like the rightwing just aren't as radical as the leftwing and most elites and billonairs seem to fit into their line of thinking so they get massive support.

    wealth = power

    while there are still some people on the rightwing that are rich and organisations that have funds they don't seem as willing to sell out to the major corporations, it seems like corporations are the new and true political ideology that has formed and they have major advantages over all other ideologies.

    imagine if new platforms were pro rightwing or most billonairs would support free market capitalism would that realy change the current mess we are in?

    Idk, im trying to make sense out of the world for many years now and I still feel like I can't see the big picture at all.

  3. …goddamn it you absolute genius twat, that ending caused a confused brain haemorrhage. Jokes aside…collectivism eats a dick and I don’t get why people try it so much.

  4. “What would be free market about google spending 20 mil a year for special dispensation from the government?”

    The point is to not have a violent gang in suits that google can use to silence competition and critics.

    Ancapistan is inherently contradictory but the idea that companies using government to strengthen their grip on society is libertarian is even more so.

  5. HE IS SO RIGHT WING YOU GEIS!!!! Like he is so right wing that he winges on YouTube as they actively censor him! He is wright ing that he goes to protests! (That accomplish fuck all) he is on your team bois! The RIGHT team. Fuck off.

  6. One objection! .. I never really watched Colbert, but some-fucking-how, I ended up owning a copy of book he did called "I am America and So Can You", I vaguely knew who he was. But I found that book g'damn hillarious! Soeh. He must've been funny at some point. Either that or I have horrible taste.