The ‘biggest crash’ ever is here; hedge with gold, silver, and this asset – Robert Kiyosaki

We are in the midst of the ‘biggest crash in history,’ and it’s only going to get worse, says Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ series. Speaking to Michelle Makori, Editor-in-Chief and Lead Anchor at Kitco News, Kiyosaki highlights deeper political and economic problems in the United States, including creeping Marxist tendencies. He recommends gold, silver, and this surprising livestock asset.

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0:00 – ‘The biggest crash in history’
9:00 – Gold and silver
11:51 – Food and energy shortages
20:37 – Marxism in the U.S.
25:28 – Student debt cancellation
27:50 – Bitcoin
35:40 – Bonds
36:48 – Hard assets
38:38 – Fighting for freedom
41:01 – Social implications
44:15 – Closing advice

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  1. He just rechurns the same stuff over and over again , such a a smug guy with no humility called 8 of the last 2 crashes correctly , time to stop with the hair dye accept your age, spend your gold and live a little has no kids so why all the gold whats it for the constant book plugging is embarrassing oh yes you were a marine in Vietnam we nearly forgot as you only mentioned it a million times

  2. I agree I live in alaska , they had everything in place spent tons on getting it ready, years of preparation for this gas line . Biden shut it down . If the had started it we would not be in the position we are now …with 6% Gas prices. He did it out of jealousy and pride . Of Trump

  3. Kawasaki doesn't have a good track record, he's never right. So even tho our macro looks like crap I wouldn't take this guy seriously. With such a poor record idk why anyone interviews him. A broken clock is right twice a day.

  4. Way too many interesting people out there to interview. Robert is a re run of himself every time I see him though. He has become irritating with his evasiveness to answer questions and telling the same old stories. I think the old guy is starting to lose his peanut.

  5. Kiyosaki has a good message for people but there is more to life than the great competition to amass as much money as possible. And Capitalism has developed into a great evil. Just watch the latest DW documentary on orange juice!

  6. A lot of people bagging on Robert here. I think he called the big crash early and only now are some of the other economists coming to the party. Even people like Dave Ramsey was saying just two months ago that the housing market would not crash. Houses in Las Vegas were down median sales 36k last month and across the United States there was a decline the past two months. The big crash is coming. Robert was admittedly terrible at answering any questions though and that was disappointing.

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