The Biggest Hole in Australia

Rio Tinto recently destroyed a 46,000 year old Aboriginal heritage site. In this video we explain why nobody should be surprised.


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Written by friendlyjordies


  1. Broken Hill is a putrid wasteland after being covered in the bi products of their mining endeavours. My dads family came from there and they tell of the awful layer of dust and toxic chemicals and fine metals which would coat everything. Their water was close to un drinkable for years. BHP and Rio Into are disgraceful entities. I recall the big media campaign they put up against the Rudd 'Mining Tax' and how they convinced everyone it wold cost jobs. No accounting of these numbers was ever made public as these big corporations can afford to clean up their mine sights, pa workers and pay higher taxes to the 'COMMONWEALTH' but they prefer to increase profits for their shareholders and management. Cunts!!

  2. WA have the most relaxed laws on rehab open pit mines. Only a small fraction is paid to the WA government and has zero initiatives to rehabilitate the land. Other states have bonds, still low in comparison to the actual cost to rehabilitate. 10 billion dollars in bonds for approx. 6000 abandoned mines. (exclude WA — they don't subscribe to a lesser evil bonds) 10 billion ÷ 6000 = $150,000. The Mount Thornley mine in Upper Hunter will cost alone to fill in the whole, excluding rehabilitation 2 Billion dollars. Liberals have F**k'd Australia, shame on voters for subscribing to their BS.

  3. Thorium reactors bro, not saying they are perfect but look into them. Could defiently see it being a future potential power soucre, ecspecially considering you can use a lot of current nuclear waste in a thorium reactors. Problem is it doesnt make a good weapon so alot of research over half a century or so has had the funding pulled.

  4. Really hope liberal voters watch this..but they want..
    FAKE NEWS..miners dont destroy Australia…no..the liberal party does..between the Murdock's.. rienholts and foresters..oh and the acrubra party..don't bother voting..your vote has been paid for….

  5. Can somebody please tell me how to spell -W–KER as this guy is well and truly on the Left side of Left. What happened to Climate Change, W–KER?

  6. why do you only ever see liberal ads on tv at prime times AND NEARLY EVERY THIRD AD yetr you'll see one labor and probably no green ads all day and if they do it is at a time only a small percentage would ever actually see it

  7. It possible that all political parties are the same just like religion it doesn't have your best interest in mind….they just want you to be hollow headed and sheeple……

  8. Rio Tonto is like ISIS when they destroy sacred sites and BLM are like ISIS when they destroy statues, They say it is because the people depicted by the statue were flawed but really it is so that all previous history can be erased, as for ISIS they are intolerant of all that is not Islam. Rio Tinto is the odd one out because they destroy not out of intolerance of that history existing but out of greed.

  9. Im a Gold Prospector. If I want to dig a toilet hole in the outback I need to use hand tools or risk massive fines. I cant prospect in National Parks. If I want to dig up some gold the process can take up to two years for approval including indigenous heritage assesment

    If my first name was Rio…. fark you lot, I pay for the Mines Dept….. it's all MINE

  10. As someone who formally worked in mining, I was personally surprised by the lack of cleanup that actually takes place in western Qld

  11. So you've discovered the world revolves around money…,.. $$$$$$..….. next thing to discover is that no one cares about you…. Not even Rio Tinto.,… or the other Giants could even give a shit..,.,,

  12. You get so much from the mining – all the metals they mine make your cars and apartment building and mobile phones, you basically drive the mining industry

  13. Whenever one sees the mining companies advertising themselves on TV – telling us how crucial they are, to our welfare, nay the welfare of the entire world – be assured, they have just committed a crime or about to do so !

  14. Oh boy, the propaganda is spread fucking thick here hey? You can tell that roughly zero people in the comments have ever set foot on a mine before and have likely never even seen photo's of a real mine.

    My god, the safety, environmental protection and cultural respect aspects of HSC are just fucking full on. Don't get me wrong for a good reason, but it's a headache.

    Civvies have no idea to the absurd extents we have have to go through in mining for environmental protection and cultural awareness.

    For example, all aerosols have to be stored in a blast proof cabinet. Why? Because there's a 1 in 1 million chance an aerosol can could blow up. How many people have WD 40 just sitting on the shelf in their garage on a 40 degree day? Wish I had that privilege, if I want to use a can of paint or CRC I have to take a walk across site to get it out of the only cabinet, then return it when I'm done. This will take a good 5 minutes, may as well top up the water bottle and take a quick pee break. Again, it's a headache, but it's for a good reason.

    All liquids/chemicals need to be stored in a "bunt" that is essentially a drip tray the size of a pallet with a grate on top. If any container spills, the bunt catches it. If you don't know how big a pallet is then just shut the hell up and log off right now, you have no place to talk as though you know anything about the real world.

    All chemicals must have a data sheet tells you safety and medical stuff. No data sheet? That's a big no no, if you use that chemical then you can get in very very big trouble. Oh yeah, that spill prevention chemical storage is also far away from anything dangerous, for safety reasons. If you need to use chemicals then that's a 10 minute walk usually. Again, return it as soon as you're finished. Usually using chemicals requires rubber gloves, possibly face visors (over the safety glasses we already wear) and potentially respirators, depending on the use.

    All spills must be reported. Potable water, coffee, and energy drink are exempt. Any spill over 19.5 litres must have an environmental investigation. Old mate on the digger a few months ago got into massive trouble because his digger was pissing oil on the ground and he wasn't aware. Safety dude had a near meltdown about enviro damage. Anyone who works with machinery knows pretty much all machines piss oil, hydraulic fluid or other shit everywhere.

    Another guy got yelled at for banging his air filter out on the digger. It's standard practice to clear the dust. Why was this an issue? Environmental contamination, apparently. The dust that the air filter pulled out of the air is apparently a contaminant to the environment it came from.

    Again, a heartache, but for a good reason.

    The country is littered with heritage sites and culturally significant areas. Most of these are marked. You need explicit permission from cultural elders to even pass through certain areas just to access different work locations and on top of that you need a local guide and explicit authorisation from the mine.

    If you violate these cultural respect rules you can lose your job instantly. I heard an anecdote, don't know if it's true. Apparently a couple of guys took off on their day off to a water hole. They apparently lost their jobs instantly and got banned entirely from all sites of the mining company because they entered an area of cultural significance. It could be hearsay, but I absolutely wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

    They take these issues of safety, environmental damage and cultural respect very fucking seriously and there's, mountains of paperwork behind it.

    These companies are far from angels but to say they don't give a shit is absurdly silly and proves strong evidence that one has no life experience. They waste an absurd amount of time, energy, resources and man hours for a group of companies which supposedly don't care at all.

    Re: those 200 spills in the uranium mine. Yes bruz, that's normal for mining. A spill is like dropping a jerry can and losing 5L of diesel. A spill is like knocking a tin of paint off a wall or bench. These things are all encompassed mining. I mentioned a "chemical bunt" before which catches leaks from a container to prevent a spill, those also have to be reported.

    That "200 leaks and spills" isn't 200 uranium spills or 200 environmental catastrophes, it's 200 spills of chemicals as defined by mining. That could be anything from a few litres of paint, or diesel, or alcohol (it's used for concrete) or it could be a major machine failure leaving 50L+ of engine oil on the ground. Even a leak in potable (drinkable) water piping is a reportable leak/spill.

    Speaking of potable water. A person my site actually got in trouble because they required water for the work they were doing. They put this water in a water bottle and it was drinking water but because they didn't
    label the container as "water" they still got in trouble.

    The industry doesn't take these health and safety issues lightly.

  15. God you just can't help putting your manboy Rudd in there can you?…..Your Labour mates are in this corporate mining shit up to their necks and always have been