The Biggest Lie Fauci Continues to Push That Ignores Science | Rand Paul | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Rand Paul, the U.S. Senator for Kentucky, about why Dr. Fauci ignores COVID natural immunity, his thoughts on the employer vaccine mandate, inflation and much more. First, Rand explains why he feels that Fauci’s unwillingness to address natural immunity vs vaccine immunity may be the biggest lie that he has told. Rand also discusses why the Covid kids vaccine trials have not included children that have recovered from Covid. He also discusses how Dr. Fauci lost the trust of many Americans and became a symbol of medical tyranny. Rand also explains why the Biden vaccine mandate would destroy the economies of many states. Finally, Rand discusses the dangers of Democrats not taking inflation seriously.

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  1. Rand Paul and Joe Manchin '24. The amount of common sense and reason these two men have is astounding and they're both important to maintaining same dialogue of any amount in Washington.

    While not ideal to me, possibly they may well be the best way out of the mess we're in now short of Spike Cohen in the LP.

  2. Fauci is only interested in his pocket book not any Science. Ignoring natural immunity is completely disgraceful. Don’t get a booster shot until your PCP does an immunity test on you. The inflation issue is a direct reflection of Biden’s energy policy nothing else. Biden took us from being an energy supplier to begging OPEC for oil. He destroyed the pipeline and stopped any energy production in the US. Oil prices are a direct result of inflation because it affects so many industries.

  3. Yep…I’m one of those teachers in Sweden who has been working in class with kids live, unmasked and unvaccinated, since all this started in 2020. We who were older staff (55+) got it, and we’ve had very few kids or younger staff get it. Some of our younger vaccinated staff got it recently, but we old-timers who got sick last Christmas are still going strong.

    As an outsider looking in, this is madness. Who knew that the consensus capital of the world, Sweden, would emerge as an outlier! Dr. Paul… come for a visit. We must have been selected to be a guinea pig on some level… we’ve made out OK. We’ve never locked down, most everyone has been going to work normally, we’ve never done masks… something else seems to be up, because Sweden NEVER takes an independent stand in the world community.

  4. We need more people like Rand Paul In the senate. We need someone who can stand up for what they believe. Tyranny needs to be taken head on. Vote to oust the RINOS in Congress through primary, and in our government. Only then will we be able to take America back!!

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